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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i HEART Texas: reason 758

The first "official Swim" of the season. End of April. The kids have swam before but not for a long swim and not with me sitting out poolside with a stack of magazines. We're in the high 80's, not warm enough for me...but plenty warm for them:)
Any other summer and I would be thinking of the long, hot months stretching out before us. Looking forward to schools close and our days free to sit and sweat and swim.

This year we are grateful to have some warm days before we pack up :( School is out in 6 weeks. We'll leave sometime the week after that or at the latest the one following. We have LOVED our pool. A lot. We love Beloved more though, so off we go.

The water was a tad bit cold at first:)

They got over it.
Today was a fun day. A couple weeks ago Joy called and wanted to know if I wanted to throw a party with her! Brilliant idea, I like brilliant friends :) We decided on a lunch and invited a few ladies we love to join us and today was the day.
I made chicken pot pie and a "fancy drink", she made a delicious salad and molten chocolate cake. We had a very fun time.
When the party was over I went to get the kids and my friends stayed to clean my kitchen! I have great friends!!:)


nikko said...

We'll be so sad not to have your pool anymore. ;o(

So sorry I left so abruptly and didn't stay to help clean. I needed to do something at the school and my boys were quickly melting down.

Thank you for inviting me. That was so thoughtful of you two. I had a wonderful time!

Yvonne said...

It's usually only a matter of minutes before they get over the cold, eh. Then it's so fun and so refreshing.