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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

alternative transportation

We live right down the street from H&E's school. If the road didn't bend a bit we could see the school from our house. However there is no exit from our neighborhood on that side and no way to get there from here so the children catch the bus at 7:15 and ride through our neighborhood, and several others, to arrive at school for an 8am start time. Or, if they miss the bus I can drive them and it takes about 10 minutes to leave our driveway, head the opposite direction and way around and weave through the stop signs and cars and kids coming and going to reach our destination:the hallowed halls of learning.
We have one neighbor who has a creative solution to this "problem". They have a golf cart. Every morning and every night either mom or dad hop in the cart and tool down the dirt road behind the houses and to the school. I don't know if this really saves them any time or $ but the kids are always smiling and happy. If it's raining they have these plastic sheets that hang down the side, if it's cold they bundle up, if it's hot~ yeah! They wave at their friends and have a good time and this always makes me smile :)
Yesterday we took the kids to see Star Trek. Tuesday is discount day. S was working and J and Lu stayed home to swim. The movie had just started and they were meeting up with the big bad Romulans when my phone vibrated so I looked down and it was a house 45 minutes. I left and zoomed home, got a hold of J in the mean time who dressed herself and Lu and started picking up. I got home with 15 cleaning minutes left and quickly vacuumed and fixed the fountain whose timer had stopped. Fortunately we left the house clean "just in case" and only had few things to do to make it ready to go. We grabbed Millie and ran out the door just as the realtor was pulling in.
Today J is part of a living museum. She is Confucius. A year or so ago we were thrifting and she found a cute silk jacket and finally she has a chance to wear it!
Yesterday she got her driver's license. However she is still not allowed to drive. We got it so we wouldn't have to start over in MD and pay again. In Texas there is no behind the wheel test...can you believe it?? and you can do a parent taught program so anyone can be out on the road. It's crazy!
Tonight Sensei Mike invited us over to his home for dinner. Which is so nice.

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Yvonne said...

House showings ARE SUCH A PAIN--especially when they interrupt fun times at the movies ; )

No behind the wheel test--WOW.

Enjoy your dinner.