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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day unleashed

We had a super fun memorial day. Judging by the sun kissed shoulders, shopping bag of new stuff and laceration on Beloved's head everyone played and played hard :)

J and Em wanted to go shopping so I drove them to southlake towne square, super ritzy upscale shopping. They had a very fun time. Tori picked them up after and then they biked over to the party to join in the fun. J got some cute shirts.

The party was very fun. I made cute blue and red cupcakes with tiny little red and blue pinwheels in them. Also brought a watermelon and blue fluff, which was sadly more gray than blue but I heard it's sugary yummness was still delish :) This joined a table over-flowing with delicious and beautiful salads and desserts and all kinds of summerfare.

Beloved spent the morning cleaning out the garage looking for things to donate to the boys venture crew for their fundraising garage sale coming up, he had to go deliver the goods so we took two cars. I arrived with kiddos and food and chairs and towels and luckily the Bishop was outside and helped me schelp all the wares into the backyard. Thanks!

After lubing up the littles I found a spot pool side and watched them swim. It was hot and sticky and the occasional splashes felt good. It was fun to sit and chat. Julia, also posted by the pool, and I visited and many other sisters came up and sat with us and visited a bit and then moved on. It was relaxing and nice and hot and a perfect memorial day picnic visit.

A few hours later everyone got called out of the water for dinner. Justin grilled, and I was looking forward to that. We love to BBQ but our grill died a premature death some months ago and "since we are moving" we didn't replace it. We've missed it and it's first on our list of things to buy at the new house. SO burgers and dogs on the grill. I was excited. The food was yummy.

The kids swam and swam and played marco polo and jumped on the trampoline and ran around with friends and ate watermelon until it dripped down their chests and onto the ground,then they swam some more. All their best and favorite friends were there and it was just wonderful. Lu swam and played in the sandbox, and enjoyed cupcakes and jumping and giving me a heart attack when she took off her vest to swim with her dad. S and J came and swam and ate and enjoyed the company of friends and the "new boys" in the ward. Beloved played full contact tether ball and got a hit to the head that caused some bleeding & a wound that will be noticeable for some time(who'd have thunk it) and swam and ate and talked. It was a relaxing afternoon. There were MANY people there, I didn't even count but at least 70-80. Some came early and left early, some came later. Some swam & some sat around under the trees and tents keeping "cool".

Yeah summer is here!!!
save the pesky two weeks of school left~ but I won't mention that here


Holly said...

A fun time indeed! We would starve without our grill, especially in the summer, it's too hot to have the oven on in the house, and i like to take advantage of the cooking break! when did you want to get together? Have you decided on a theme for the party? We could gear them around that...I actually have a couple of cute ideas for themes too!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

SOunds fun --I am truly quite sad I didn't make it but hubs was so tired willing but I knew he needed to rest after mowing

WOw now Rob has a great story to tell all about his tether ball scar,as you said, who would have thunk?

Yvonne said...

What a fun day--glad you had good weather and great funs to spend time with--that's quite the gathering.

Food always taste better off the barbeque.

Sorry about your hubby's injury.

I have a good life said...

It was so fun! What a great way to start summer...kind of...that pesky two weeks seems ultra-long this year.

How fun that Dani is coming! :)

Robin said...

It ws so fun