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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Four Day Weekened

We have a four day weekend!

Thursday night Beloved and I went to see Angels and Demons and out for some OG soup.
Brother went to his friend Mason's birthday sleep over.
H went to play at Amanda's.
S went to Kat's and spent the night.
J made some $$ baby sitting.

Friday J and Lu and I had a fun day shopping. We went to the new Sam Moon near us and had so much fun, also to the mall and got some summer clothes for miss everything is wearing out.
Beloved and H did yard work.
Brother went to the Lego store and McD with Mason and had such a blast!
J drove herself to Sofia's for the evening.
S went out with friends.
H had Sara sleep over and swim.
Brother went to C's house.
at 11 we got to go pick him up, I guess two sleep aways in a row weren't so great.

Saturday we went to the primary activity then up to Frisco to the mall. Brother wanted us to see the new lego store because it was SO COOL! and it was. That mall has really cool stores. They had a $1 smoothie sale while we were there, and the Disney store had a great sale. Very fun.
J went to the Lockheed pool with Kelly and Nicole and Kisa and Mariah and Rebecca. Lockheed has an awesome pool and they had fun.

Saturday night we went to Sensei Mike's for dinner. We were supposed to go earlier but Connie was sick so we rescheduled. It was a very fun night. The dinner was yummy and after we played a very fun extreme Yahtzee game. The kids had a great time.

Today we'll go to church.

Tomorrow is the Cook's Memorial day BBQ, that Lu has been counting down to for some reason.

We love our life here and feel so blessed to have many good friends.


Robin said...

Lots to do in such a short time. Life is fun, enjoy every minute

Yvonne said...

How did you like Angels and Demons--I thought it was great (much better than DaVinci Code.

Legos have always been something we have enjoyed.