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Monday, May 11, 2009

crazy idea

I've got this idea brewing in my noggin. It's crazy, and not free, and frankly I don't know if I am up to the challenge...but there it sits percolating, and tantalizing me with it's presence.

I'm thinking of taking the GRE. Crazy! I know. I'm not good at math. I'm not good at tests. Here is a secret I never took the SAT or the ACT. I went to community college where I took a "placement test" which I think is code for "does she walk uprightly and breath through her nose?" and after my 8 year tenure at AVJC I graduated and was able to go on to get my BS without further testing. I did have to test to get my teaching credential. Two tests actually, both caused me great anxiety and I am relieved to say I passed each on the first try, which isn't the norm. I got lucky questions I guess.

Now Lucy has one more year until Kindergarten and while I have been blessed enough to live a life of leisure all these years, sitting around eating bon bons and reading "Where The Wild Things Are" and going to story time and the playground and the zoo and having toddler play group at our house and I have LOVED it and been so grateful in 15 short months I will not only have my leisurely life of laundry and grocery shopping and floor mopping but I will also have 8 hours kid free a day. Not that I'm counting :)

This upcoming free time begs the question what will I do? I know I don't want to teach. I know I don't want a job that cuts into mommy time after school, or on weekends or in the summer. I could just stay home and garden and practice tai chi, and bake organic bread from the wheat I grow in my garden, and sew flattering/stylish/modest gowns for my princesses. I think attending story time might be frowned upon if I don't actually have a toddler with me.

Now the crazy part. I have always thought being a librarian would be an awesome job. I like books. I like to read. A school librarian would have the hours I want and the pay is worthwhile. If I worked I could take the family on a cruise, or pay for new tennis shoes for all, or braces, or any number of things that families need. Families are expensive. I could help J with college, and S if she is still going by the time I am done. I could get dressed each day and go somewhere with accessories on.

I'm just thinking.

...there is a program, 18 month long, a mere hour and a half from our new home in the edge of the world, tip of the wilderness, outer limits of civilization Maryland.




Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Librarian is the best!
Do the program. You will have so much fun!
Good luck.

nikko said...

I think it's a great idea!

Caroline said...

The question I asked myself was: When I look back in 10 years will I regret the extra schooling, or will I regret not taking the opportunity?

That is what decided the grad school question for me.

You'll do great! :o)

The Texas Bakers said...

I say go for it! You will love it and be great at it!

The Tall and Short of it said...

Sounds like it would b great fun for you! You could get paid to read! Wow, I think I might enjoy reading if I were paid to do it! lol! What's funny is I was thinking about our friends and who likes to read most outta all of us, and I think I am the only one who does not like to read and who has not read either Harry Potter series or Twilight!!! Well, I am half way through the first Harry Potter book!!! You would be a fun, cute librarian!!!