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Thursday, May 07, 2009

things I don't love:

I hesitate to write a post that is not cheery, for several reasons. One I am a cheerful person. Quick memory, years ago I was in a RS class that Aunt Merretta taught. She had these affirmations that she would write down and say to herself to mold her character. I remember the one she shared "I am a happy, cheerful person." And she was. We lived down the street from Uncle Bud and Aunt M when Dani was a wee babe and I would walk down to say hi sometimes. She was always so sweet and kind. Through the years that phrase has stuck with me and I have said it to myself to remind myself when things get a little gloomy.
Two, several real life friends and family read this and I don't want them to worry because we are fine.
Third, this is a journal and do I want to remember the grumps?

However, I will indulge myself and carry forth with my list.

in no particular order, and ranging from small and insignificant to truly annoying, again not in order.

1. when I read a past post and find a typo. That drives me nuts.
2. when I find someone else's blatant spelling errors and typos (which is ironic since I am queen of bad spelling) for example: last night Beloved and I were reading some on line parent/student reviews of the high schools in our new area and one extolled the virtues of the principle of the school.
3. hair in the drain.
4. people who sell you something on ebay and then scam you, I would in fact call it stealing. Which happened to us on a ds lite we just bought and now are SO SAD that we are out $100, and don't have a new ds lite. and we needed that $100.
5. going to the dentist.
6. chronic pain (I know, how unusual most people LOVE pain :) )
7.the stress of selling a house that no one is buying.
8. $$$
9. dare I say it.......Jack Bauer. Used to love him, now I find the whole thing disturbing.
10. going to a movie I think I'll like and then not "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" to name one. Very sleazy.
11. going to a Chinese Buffet and not having fried bananas.
12. May days that are not warm and sunny.
13. 17~ not my favorite age
14. trash in my car
15. living so far away from Dani and Greg :(
16. and all the family I love
17. cooking food that fam hates
18. loud music
19. mean people
20. gooey toothpaste tubes
21. a dishwasher that doesn't do it's job.
22. library fines (which we have none of right now!)
23. war
24. slovenliness
25. "drool" on eggs
26. desserts that don't have chocolate in them (just kidding~ I'm running low but I am sure there are more)
27. being obsessed with placing blame, and dodging blame.
28. skinny people (again not really)
29. Sponge Bob (why? is all I have to say)
30. waiting for trains
31. making huge decisions that have huge impact on your life and not being sure which way to go.
32. $$
33. not a huge fan of Valentines day, really, it's my least fav holiday.
34. computer viruses
35. our current president. Sad to say.
36. doing puzzles

and now, since I would feel WAY too GUILTY to publish as is

things I love:
  • summer
  • fun books
  • chocolate
  • foodnetwork
  • Beloved
  • watching Brother play sports
  • or J, she's an athlete too
  • blogs
  • visiting with friends
  • having a dentist friend who can quickly grind a chipped tooth before work just because he's so nice
  • my cell phone
  • cowboy boots
  • the zoo
  • kid smiles
  • seeing the kids be kind to each other
  • FHE (when it's going well)
  • planning trips, and sometimes going on them
  • laughing with S and J
  • talking to D on the phone, especially when she's talkative
  • peanut butter
  • clean sheets
  • bath and body works soap
  • a freshly vacuumed floor
  • date night
  • the smell of morning
  • walking around down town
  • going to the library
  • having all the laundry done at once
  • Edward
  • good grades
  • Josh Groban
  • driving through the car wash and FREE vacuum
  • fun earrings
  • jeans that fit
  • Sesame Street
  • not having the swine flu
  • listening to conference talks on my DVR
  • the beach
  • my kiddos
  • my sisters
  • and brothers
  • and awesome in laws
  • and parents
  • skpe
  • that H's leg is healing so well
  • graduation! yeah!
  • salsa music
  • new babies :)
  • looking forward to a fancy new kitchen (even if it does come with a huge does of sticker shock)
  • my suburban
  • my testimony
  • a living Prophet
  • the Atonement
  • people who try and live good lives
  • the Amazing Race
  • my book of Mormon
  • the Ensign and Friend
  • EFY
  • medical miracles that make our lives to much better
  • Wal mart
  • diet strawberry limeades
  • brushing my teeth
  • crayons
  • making yummy things
  • freedom
  • seeing our flag fly
  • and many many many many more :)


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

See- you are a positive person- your second list is MUCH longer :)

Have a happy day! and praying you sell that house!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I love almost all the things you do :)
and on the first list more info that you cared to know:
1. my own typos drive me nuts.
2. They probably loved the standards "the principle of the school".
3. hair in the drain. Big yuck even if it is mine:)
4. ebay so sorry that happened, happened to me but only for $25.00

6. Oh I LOVE pain :) (not really)

9. dare I say it.......Jack Bauer. Used to love him, now I find the whole thing disturbing. ME TOO watched two seasons and caved so I could have good dreams

10. good to know --I agree

13. 18~ not my favorite age

15. living so far away from Kids

18. loud music
19. mean people
and the reason I detailed answered this!!!!!is #27
27. being obsessed with placing blame, and dodging blame.
28. skinny people (again not really)
29. Sponge Bob (why? is all I have to say)

I have a good life said...

Oh, my friend, I think you are the absolute best example of anyone I know of being a happy, cheerful person.

I am sorry about all the frustrating things, but so happy that you have so many blessings to counter it with.

One of my sad things: Friends that move away...far, far away.

One of my happy things: Friends that stand outside their house and chat for a long time after activity days, even when I am sure they had plenty to do....thanks! :)

Another happy thing:
dinner dates with friends: I can't wait! :)

allison nadauld said...

Man, I was hoping that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was a good movie. There's nothing out there!

Yvonne said...

Great list--why even call a dessert without chocolate "dessert" ; ) (Sorry, I still LOVE Jack Bauer) The dentist is my least favorite person to visit.