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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

silver lining

no offer yet means more afternoons under the umbrella.

Kids splashing.

Sun hot.

Water cold.

Fountains singing.

Voices laughing.

Cool drinks in hand.

Book on rock.


summer (contended sigh)


Yvonne said...

You are so positive ; )

AeroRob said...

Nice picture.
I thought it was from some website at first.

I have a good life said...

Personally, I love that you are here for a portion of the summer. Summer just isn't summer without you...we've always been together a lot more during those dang hot months....combine no school and a pool, we are there.

But...I am heartsick that you have to still sit and wait for that big beautiful house of yours to sell. I will keep praying that the right buyer comes at the right price.

Finally...TEXAS has NO behind the wheel driver's test? You have got to be kidding! I will be more scared than ever when I am out driving. That is INSANE!