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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

early onset alzheimers

and other tales from the bus stop.

This morning I had to drive the kids to the bus stop. Normally we walk but the last two days they have been so poke-y that I thought we'd miss the bus altogether and have to drive to the school. We made it however, just barely.

So this morning we drove over and I walked them to the bus stop and began to visit with our neighbors. The kids got on the bus and we all stood and waved until it turned the corner, like we do every morning, and then I began the walk home chatting with Tammie and Victoria. I got around the bend in the road and passed the construction trucks then looked at my driveway and the car was gone! "On no! Where is it?" I thought. Then sheepishly I remembered that I drove to the bus stop, so I had to turn around and walk back feeling rather dumb.

Yesterday at the bus stop I asked Victoria how her Amish turkey was. (for $5 extra they will pluck them for you, which I will most certainly do if we get one) She reported that it was great. I had thought I'd like to try one and asked if they would have them at Christmas. She didn't know but said they liked to get their goats there. Goats?? asked Beth. What do you do with them ? We eat them she told us (Victoria and her family are from Nigeria). Hmm. Interesting. We chatted a bit more and I told her I'd never eaten goat and Beth agreed then she said she was making ham for Christmas dinner and Victoria told us she's never eaten ham and made a yuck face, which made me laugh. It was a fun cultural diversity moment, I really love the bus stop and my nice neighbor friends.


The two old crows said...

Don't feel bad, we all have our lapes.

nikko said...

Reminds me of a story my SILs told when they got back from Ghana. The whole time they were there they literally had to choke down the food -- stew with fish heads in it, etc. Well, towards the end of their stay they decided to make brownies for their host family. Scrounged to find the right ingredients, etc. The host family tried them and gagged. And then complained about how sweet (and awful!) they were!

Yvonne said...

Moments like that--forgetting about driving the car--make me laugh (at least right now I'm laughing ; )

One of the things I love about living in Winnipeg is the cultural diversity.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

he he he he!

My personal symptom right now is that I can not talk- I say things like Tuesday when I mean Saturday. It has been really bad the past week- oh my.

Isn't it fun to learn about other cultures and find them trying to learn about ours? Let us know if you do get a turkey-

utmommy said...


The two old crows said...

Sid and I have eaten goat. It is quite good. We even raised a couple of goats. My Iranian brother-in-law loved to come to our house and have goat chops.

The Texas Bakers said...

That's totally something I would do! My brain cells have definitely deteriorated at a rate in direct proportion with the number of children I have.
Love the cross-cultural dialogue.