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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the last day of the year

it's been a good year. We've read some good books. My favorite new Christmas book is the Gingerbread Pirates. Lucy and I read it many times this last month and it is sweet and saucy and I love the illustrations!

Favorite kid books have been the Percy Jackson adventures and Fablehaven. Both of which I read with Brother but I liked them as much as he did. So fun and imaginative!

For adult books I really liked the Help and Three Cups of Tea.

...I wonder what the new year will bring.
I read a lot of books. I, frankly, don't remember most of them but like the meals I eat and the conversations I have with friends and the dishes I wash every day, they become part of me. Who I am and what my world view is like. I love books. A lot.


Caroline said...

You did know that they have a Lightning Thief movie coming out, right? It releases President's Day, and actually looks pretty cool. I've never read the book, though, so I don't know how good it will turn out. You can look up the trailers on youtube.

Yvonne said...

How many books do you read a year--YOU AMAZE ME.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I'm going to check out all of these (well, the ones we haven't already read!) love you