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Monday, December 07, 2009


Saturday night Beloved and I went to 5 guys for burgers. He loves it there. After we went over to the high school because I had seen a bill board for a concert by Elisabeth Von Trapp. The weather was awful; icy and snowing and COLD. We were totally bundled up and went in to see if there were tickets left. There were, then they told us it would be $25 each. Whoo. That was a lot more than I had planned on. We thanked them and headed back to the car. Before we even had the engine on a nice lady came running out into the sleet and knocked on our window. "would you be able to come for $15 each?" We agreed, more because we felt bad for her coming all the way out than that we thought $15 was a great deal, and went in and got our seats. It was us, 100 senior citizens and two families with kids in a half filled auditorium and I have to say it was wonderful.
It was a Christmas concert and her voice was very beautiful but what we liked best was her cello accompaniment. Erich Kory, was AMAZING. That cello made the most enthralling, lovely music.
I snuggled into Beloved's arm and just sat back and completely enjoyed it.
I love Christmas music.
She also sang some music from the sound of music and told some stories about her life in the von Trapp family that were so fun. Her father was "Kurt" from the movie.
When she sang Edelweiss it was so sweet and clear and beautiful and it reminded me of my own dad. Every night when I was growing up, all the way until I married and moved out of the house, he would come in my room to say good-night, and he'd sing to me. One of the songs he most often sang was Edelweiss. While my parents have been on their mission I haven't missed them, mostly because I have been so thrilled and excited and proud of them and their missionary service. But that night, during that song, I was a little home sick for my Papa.

This next paragraph I'd like to title "good deeds gone bad". At the beginning of the month we decided that each Sunday we'd make a treat and deliver it to a neighbor or friend. Yesterday we got home from church, quickly baked some cookies and set off to deliver them to a couple fo the kid's teachers.
At that point no one wanted to go.
We made them.
They cried.
We drove to the first place and hopped out, E didn't bring a coat and was wearing shorts and rain boots. How did we miss that?
They weren't home.
We left it on the porch and went to the next place.
Kids complaining all the way.
Next house.
No one home,
but we did leave a tire print rut in the grass (oops) and there was a hungry dog eyeing the plate as we left so hopefully he had a nice treat.

Do we have to go again next week??

Last night we had a friend and his son over for dinner. I thought I'd made some "pioneer woman stuffed jalapenos" since they are fellow Texans and that seemed like "man food":) I was a little scared because of the kryptonite quality of the peppers. The recipe had all kinds of warnings about wearing gloves and not touching the seeds. I actually did get a squirt of the juice on my hand, and it did burn me. Weird.
I got them all made and in the oven and about half way through the cooking time the oven was on fire from all the bacon grease, I opened it up to check and got a face full of jalapeno smoke that burnt my eyes and filled the air with it's toxic vapor. We had to evacuate.

Eventually dinner was served, and it was good, however it's a good thing I don't embarrass easily because having your guests standing around outside while waiting for the smoke to clear out of the kitchen is not on Martha's "how to hostess" list of things to do.

Evidence that I am the world's worst singer:
The other morning we got into the car to drive to seminary and I told J that the day before I heard a song on the radio that I loved and hadn't heard in awhile and wanted her to tell me what it was called. I then told her I would sing a few bars for her. Which I did And she identified the song. Then she said "I'm so glad I could tell what you were singing because when you told me what we were going to do I thought~ oh no, she's going to sing and it won't sound anything like a song and I'll guess something wrong and it will be awful (huge quiet sigh)"

Yesterday in church I was sitting next to S and singing the hymns so nicely and she looked at me with "the look", and I apologised then said to her, I really miss sitting near Tori and listening to her sing~ she sounded SO BEAUTIFUL, and then I could blend. And S said (with a very serious face) "you never blended."

And now it's Monday morning and I have things to do so enough rambling for the day :)


matt and michelle ray said...

Awww, that's too cute. Don't worry Lana, I'm a horrible singer too! You can sit next to me and we can both sing loud and horribly together - I love to sing!

And I never cut jalepenos without gloves! I did before a party once and my hands burned throughout the whole party!

Jay said...

Oh, my golly! I just love reading your adventures. You just know how to make me chuckle with the singing, the smokin' jalopenos, and the "cheerful" service activity.

nikko said...

This post just made me laugh... And made me miss you... :o)

Funny how service projects can backfire. How much you wanna bet in five years they'll say "Do you remember that year we decided to bring treats to our neighbors? Wasn't that great?" and you'll be rolling your eyes... ;o)

Natalie said...

Love how you tell about your life.
Your Papa got tears in his eyes when I read that paragraph to him. He is crazy about you, you know.:)

Yvonne said...

Now I have tears after reading what your mom wrote--so sweet.

Love the story of the jalapenos--Love it.

I can totally identify with you on the singing problem. After we joined the Church and we would have family home evening, when we would sing the Primary songs, Stephen would turn to me and say, "They don't sound like they do in Primary".

utmommy said...

You never blended? How rude. I don't blend either.

I missed Papa reading that too. I totally remember him singing that to me too.

You didn't tell me about the toxic fumes, so sad. Weird food.

I have a good life said...

Oh my. That is a random post! And sad, too. I am glad you don't embarass easily with that toxic vapor. :) Sorry about the kids and the treats thing. We have good ideas that just don't always work.

But, the concert sounds lovely. Very beautiful and Christmasy and a wonderful tone for the season.

Oh, and I have sung next to you and always thought you were a much better singer than I! :)

The Texas Bakers said...

Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that! Sorry it had to be at your expense :)
I have never had a problem with my hands burning with cutting jalapenos without gloves. Perhaps my skin is impervious. I did learn early on to wash my hands thoroughly before rubbing my eyes. This is especially bad when you are also cutting up onions for, say, chicken tortilla soup...

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Your random posts are the best!! I love the way you tell a story!