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Friday, December 04, 2009

why I am not a crafter

When we first moved here I got some local calendars and did some searching on line to find fun things to do. Very near our home is the historic Sotterly Plantation. I saw that they had a colonial family Christmas day that sounded like fun so I put it on our calendar.
Eventually I got the great idea that it would be fun for the girls to dress like colonial girls when we went, which evolved into them being colonial girls for Halloween, which evolved into me making them dresses. That is where evolution should have stopped.

But no.

I got patterns and fabric and in October made H her cute dress. I have to say it went well and I liked how it turned out. Lu didn't want to wear hers for Halloween so I had time to put it aside.

Well, the Christmas event is tomorrow so yesterday I knew I had to get it done now. I got home from taking the kids to school and went to get started and couldn't find my pattern. Three hours later I still couldn't find it but for some reason I thought I could alter the one I used for H's dress. This was an insane idea, of course, because I can barely make something with a pattern.

I got my measuring tape and measured her (not for any useful reason but because it seemed like a good place to start), then I looked at the pattern...for a long time...and decided what needed to be done I thought I should do.

By dinner time, literally, I had a dress almost done that didn't quite fit, and looked a little crazy but she likes it. Talk about stressful and not fun. After dinner she told me she'd like Oriah to have a dress that matched, and I had fabric left (and as evidence that I have completely lost my mind) I agreed.

After the kids went to bed I went back down and made this cute dress, which I had a pattern for, and which took a lot longer than I thought but Oriah didn't complain about the fit so that's good:)

Then at 10pm, when I was done, I came upstairs to make blueberry muffins for J to take to seminary.

Then at almost 11, when Beloved got home from helping paint the Watson's house, I was ready for bed. The house is a disaster (because I sewed all day) and I vowed not to break out the sewing machine again for a long time.

today I clean.


nikko said...

Is it bad that I am chuckling through this whole post?

The sewing bug makes us do some crazy, crazy things... I can attest to that.

Do we get to see pictures of Lu's dress?

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Yes, I want to see all three together Oriah's dress is precious and is almost as cute as human Oriah:) I know I have done that in sewing the machine makes me feel powerful and wimpy all at once:)

utmommy said...

You are funny. I wouldn't have even tried. Good for you

Martines Family said...

Amazing. I love it. You are crazy.

The two old crows said...

It looks to me like you did a great job on Oriah's dress.

Yvonne said...

Way to go, mom.

I think it looks great. Now, I think it's time for a Santa suit for your hubby and a Mrs. Claus dress for you, so GET BUSY ; )

Have a fantastic weekend.

Bainter Family Antics said...

Your story actually makes me want to get out my sewing machine!