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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Lucy has a little friend who lives two streets down from us, her name is Julia. The girls like to play together each week. Yesterday it was Lu's turn to host JuJu. It was a very ADHD play-date, they ran from activity to activity, snack to snack in a frenzy of fun and frolic. When the day was over our house looked like a tornado struck it, but they had fun. (two weeks before that they were here and played quietly ~dress up and dolls.) Julia's mom is a vet and her dad flies c-130s.
Last Saturday Brother had two friends over to play. Here they are waiting for lunch (nothing broke). They mostly played wii and ran in circles until Beloved took them outside and set up a soccer goal, then they played soccer with him for a good hour. yea! for Beloved.
Justin's dad (the boy in the striped shirt) is a Col . He works at the Pentagon now, used to fly Blackhawks. John's dad is also a pilot, but I don't know what he flies. It seems like half the people we know now are pilots aviators.
How many pilots does it take to change a light bulb? One. He holds it and the whole world revolves around him. Ha
When you are on a date with a pilot how do you know it's half way over? He says "enough about me, now let's talk about my plane". Ha Ha.
I was told those by another pilot friend this weekend. Took me four days to think of how to work them into a post:)

H was invited to a friends house on Saturday. Here she is with Julia and her little sister Maria. They made a cute gingerbread train.
Julia's dad is a contractor ( the other half the people we know here ) everyone is in defense.
which brings me to how many engineers does it take to change a light bulb??
None, they are all too busy trying to design the perfect light bulb.
or only one but he needs an instruction manual.
or 5. One to design a nuclear powered light bulb that never needs to be changed, one to figure out how to power the US with that one light bulb, two to install it, and one to write the computer program that controls the wall switch.
at our house it's one, he does them all. I don't think I've changed a light bulb in 11 years! One of the many nice things Beloved does for our family.

BTW, all the pilots, and engineers, we know are very's still funny though.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

LOVE the pilot jokes in particular! and good job coming up with a way to blend them into a post.

I looked out your window and saw green grass- do you have snow yet? We have over a foot that fell last week. Finally feels like Christmas might be in the neighborhood.

utmommy said...

Yeah for good friends!

Yvonne said...

Oh, I wish I knew a pilot so I could tell those jokes--too funny. Kudos for working them so cleverly into your post.

Are you ready for Christmas???