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Saturday, December 12, 2009

o tannenbaum

yesterday while I was at 2nd grade doing reading groups, my Friday morning

service project that is as fun for me as helpful to them, Beloved went to get us a tree. He picked a great one. It is so tall and smells delish!

Sadly our ornaments haven't seemed to move with us and so far all it has is some candy canes hanging on it. I am sorely tempted to go and buy some fab-U-lous, coordinated, glimmery baubles to deck it out with.... or maybe we'll string some popcorn and have the world's largest and most grand "charlie brown tree". We'll see!


Yvonne said...

Oh, you can't find your ornaments--that is so sad.

The tree is beautiful. I love the smell of fresh trees.

Tori said...

You're by the sea now....put some starfish on it and blue and green glass balls. Very minimalist, like in a Sundance catalogue.

I know, that sounds like something I would do, not you ;-)

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Beautiful tree!
Gold wrapped hard candy and Christmas lights are very pretty if you want to go simple. That's what I have on my 20 inches, artificial tree.
Charlie Brown Tree sounds like fun!

nikko said...

Oh, I would cry big tears if our ornaments were lost. So many family treasures. :o(

Can't wait to see it decked out!