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Sunday, December 20, 2009

sunday the snow!

We took a little walk behind our house into the woods.
Kids and dogs and grown ups had a cold fun time.

School has been cancelled for the rest of the week so we get an extra long Christmas break! and we miss the class parties, which is fine with me.

Church was cancelled today as well, which is a bummer. I like a Sabbath day at church and I especially like the week before Christmas.

Yesterday we loaded up our wagon with some neighbor gifts and delivered them in our blizzard. It was cold, and fun, and wet and crisp.

Today some treats came our way:) I love our neighbors!


nikko said...

Look how adventurous you guys are! That stinks that you missed out on the Sunday before Christmas. Ours was beautiful!

But, maybe I would trade it for some of that pretty white stuff...

A few days ago we came home and the new people in your house had tons of people over. There were cars everywhere! Without hardly thinking, I said, "Oh look! The U's are having a party!". Doh! Someday I'll get used to the fact that you don't live here! :o)

Yvonne said...

In all the years we've lived here, I think Church has been cancelled once.

I hope you enjoy the snow--I hope it stops soon. Can't believe how much the east coast is getting.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Soo beautiful!!
Maybe a little jealous too.

OK maybe lots!!