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Saturday, January 16, 2010

a little patience

For Christmas H got money to get a new bike. She was so excited. We went to the store and they were out of the one she wanted, she was sorely tempted to get one "right now!" but waited and we checked back and checked back.
Finally today was the day, the long dreamed of purple bike was there and we were there and we got it!!! Yeah!!!!!

Also Lu has wanted a jeep for about two years. When we moved here the wanting was even worse because several of the little kids in the neighborhood have them and they drive them to the mail boxes to pick up mail and tool around together. For Christmas Lu got some money but not enough, she saved it and yesterday got a birthday check and now she had enough!! and it was on sale !~ $50 less than it was at Christmas!!!
Some assembly required but she will soon be getting the mail for us every day, and riding around in style and she said there was enough room for Tatum to ride with her! when she comes to visit.
waiting makes the getting even that much sweeter :)


Yvonne said...

Waiting is such a difficult thing for ALL OF US (well, maybe just me ; )

The two old crows said...

How kewel