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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

not about the weather, entirely anyway

Went to buy a snow shovel today. I had to make three stops before I found one but finally I did and now we are the owners of 3 fancy snow shovels. We will not be caught unprepared again. The forecast is calling for snow this week. And next week. I'm just stating the facts, not making a commentary at all. Except to say that it is supposed to be 80 degrees in San Diego tomorrow. And is in the balmy high 70's today and why oh why doesn't the navy flight test there??

So other than the weather things here are pretty much quid pro quo. I do a lot of laundry. The kids make messes. They go to school. Last night Dave Boyce came to dinner, we had a nice visit. He and Beloved played Querkle with the kids after dinner, H won.

Yesterday S, Lu and I went out to lunch with some friends. It was a happy birthday lunch and we had a fun time. I was supposed to meet with Liz to talk about New Beginnings but Izzy was sick so we chatted on the phone instead and then I was free to go. Lu still wants to play with Izzy so we'll have to do that, but NB is under way and I am excited about our cute plans.

We took the Christmas tree down yesterday. I was not sad to see it go. The place looks fresh and clean with Christmas (almost) put away.

Beloved called me on his way home earlier this week and said there was a new Kohl's sign up on the mystery building down by the base! Yeah!! and I saw an Olive Garden sign on another mystery building. It's becoming quite the thriving metropolis down in California (the city not the state)


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I would recommend a snowblower, actually. It is worth it if you are going to be snowbound for several years. - I am sooo over shoveling :)

I have a good life said...

It is freezing here, too. Not snowing, but absolutely freezing. So cold. Perhaps not AS cold, but once you get to a certain is just plain cold!

Love ya.