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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday it rained and we had lots of meetings after church, Beloved got a new calling (now we'll both be busy) and we got asked to be a "Ma and Pa" for the trek this summer. I am kind of excited, I love to be with the youth where ever they are and I've never trekked and it will be fun for us to do it together....but I am a fatty pants and will probably die along the way, at least then they can have the real life experience of burying someone on the plains. We are going to trek train...started today. S and I did a two mile walk/run ~heavy on the walk. I didn't die. at least not literally. If I do that every day until the trek I might be okay.

Yesterday was a busy fun MLK day. We thought about going to the zoo, instead we cleaned the garage. It really needed it and we made a good dent. I also visit taught, which was very fun. B2 ran some errands and little b got to see big B's office. S and H went to the mall. We did some grocery shopping. J did lots of homework. Had FHE.

Today I went to pre-K, it was my usual volunteer day. I got to paint their little feet and stamp them on paper to make snowmen out of. The kids giggled and had fun. Most of the feet were clean, so that was nice. Feet are not my fav, unless they are baby toes.

and on that note: look how purplicious pumpkin face is!!!


Our Family said...

I just had to comment because of what you said about dying on the trek. We thought they might do that this year for our Stake. Luckily for this "fatty pants" we are doing something different for Youth Conference. I lucked out this year. Not sure about next year though. :-)

Yvonne said...

Smart move to start training early. You can do it.

Glad you had a fun MLK day.

Cute picture.

utmommy said...

I would die right there with you! I'm cracking up at your fatty pants comment.

Shauna6pack said...

We did it last year. It was AWESOME! If you need any of our pioneer stories or anything, we'd be happy to send it along!

We thought we were in good shape but those kids were driven... they just wanted to get there and rest so they were relentless. They didn't want to stop for anything. Of course your experience may be different :) But I know you'll be okay!