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Saturday, June 19, 2010

camp over nighter

What a day.

Friday H flew to Ohio to spend a week with Nana and Abba. We took her to the airport. I thought, well, this will be perfect I will go to the scout store and the LDS bookstore while I am "down there" and get little B's stuff for his birthday. So we left at 7am. Took H down, got her all set and in the air then headed off to the scout store. Found it, in the ghetto, and went in and got all his stuff so he can be an official cub scout. He is very excited. He got a pocket knife too, which he's been waiting for for two years.
Then we went and grabbed some lunch and went to the bookstore where he choose his scriptures and then we headed home. Traffic was horrible as usual. I needed to be back by 4 to get ready for our over nighter, and the time kept creeping by but the traffic did not. Who would have thought one airport drop off and two stores would take 11 hours round trip??
Waiting and fretting and waiting and then I accidentally rear ended someone :( No one was hurt (thanks for asking) and the other car was fine but my bumper got a dent. We also killed a squirrel...not at the moment but earlier in the day.
When we were out of DC I called Rachel and told her I was going to be late, she said no problem and I figured I would just get there when I got there and felt grateful that I had someone to pick up the slack. I have the best counselors in the world, they are always helpful and cheerful and doing what needs to be done.
Then suddenly I heard a scream from the back row "blood is gushing, I can't stop it....all the blood is going to go out of my body...It won't stop." I pulled over and jumped back there. Little b, who was not supposed to be holding his knife at all let alone using it in a moving car had cut his finger. It wasn't as bad as it sounded. We drove over to a Safeway and bought band-aids and neosporin and fixed him up, then called Michelle and asked her to get my junk and Chelsea and J and take them to Rachel's when she took Alexis, which she so nicely did! Thank you.
Then we got there, an hour late, but in one piece, more or less.
And the girls hugged me and said it was okay (they are sooooo sweet)
and we camped and cooked and certified and sat around talking and "slept" in tents and had breakfast and now today I am going back to the airport to pick up Emma! Who we can't wait to see.


Daddy's Little Girl said...

E looks like he has an awesome pocket knife cant wait to see it in person

Yvonne said...

Poor little guy--glad he's okay.

Sorry about the accident and the squirrel.

Glad you have such great counselors.

Yvonne said...

BTW, hope the campout was good.