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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We signed the littles up for lessons this summer. Lu is taking swimming and tennis. Here she is at her first tennis lesson, she is the one in front with the blue skirt and top. She thought it was very fun and actually hit the ball. During this exercise they are practicing dribbling the ball.

She also liked swimming a lot.

E and H missed their first week. H is in Ohio visiting with Nana and Abba and I hear she is having a very fun time. She went with Nana to yoga, and walking class. They went to the movies and a Dragon's game and shopping. It's fun to be spoiled on a one on one basis sometimes.

E is at cub scout day camp. He had a great time yesterday, although he wasn't too successful at archery. He is hoping to do better tomorrow and today is bb gun day and he is expecting that to go well.

They are both signed up for tennis/swim team/golf. They will start next week. Should be great.

I heard from J yesterday. She said EFY was fun, the session is kind of small only 140 kids. SVU is pretty. I wonder if she'll add it to her list of colleges after this week?
Next week is high adventure week for her.
Followed by a week in Tejas.
Then trek.
She also has a nanny job for the summer, which is very flexible. She has worked a few weeks before school got out and will have 6 or so weeks after her running around...unless she goes to Belgium, then 5 weeks. Papa and Grandma invited her and Emma to come visit in Aug. They need to come up with $300 each so we shall see.

Ah, summer fun! Love it!!! Love it!!!


Natalie said...

She seems so little for tennis. Wow, you sure have a busy summer of chauffeuring everyone around.
It does sound like a lot of fun for them. Miss you lots.

Natalie said...

Tell J to save all of her money and some extra. We reaallllly want her to come. It would be soooooo much fun.
Love you guys.