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Saturday, June 05, 2010


these very dark pictures show the fun projects we did today. J and I helped Big B put a cross brace on the deck so it would be less wobbly.
We also finished up our china cabinet, it used to be green, a few cans of spray paint later and now it's a lovely black.


Natalie said...

I love the black cabinet. It looks really good.
You would think that the builder would have made a study deck without R having to do so much extra work. Lucky he knows how to do that.
I've been wanting to talk to you, but our schedules don't seem to mesh.
Happy Anniversary tomorrow. I love you.

Michelle said...

That looks so good! We're in the process of sanding, priming, and painting an old computer desk. I think the spraypaint option would have been easier. :) And your red dining room looks so nice! We need to walk over and see it! Maybe later when it's doesn't feel like 200 degrees outside!

nikko said...

Your black-used-to-be-green cabinet looks so nice. I love the red walls, too.

Now that we're in CA, the kids keep asking, "So when do we get to go to Maryland and see the U's???" :o)

The two old crows said...

I love it. You did a great job.

utmommy said...

Love black furniture!