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Sunday, June 06, 2010


This morning we woke up early, for a Sunday anyway (5:00am) We had our stake conference and we knew it was going to be packed.
We drove a very quiet car (everyone was sleeping) and arrived at the church at 7:30 ish for a 10am meeting, the chapel was already full so we sat in the front of the cultural hall, which was fine.
It was kind of a long wait but I enjoyed visiting, and reading and watching people come in. The kids brought coloring books and markers and they sat nicely. We did get up a few times to walk around or get a drink.

The prelude music was lovely and everyone was anxious to see Elder Holland so I think the time went pretty quickly.

J and Hannah and Heidi, waiting.
We got a new stake presidency today. I enjoyed hearing all the talks and testimonies, and hearing Elder Holland. It's not very often that you have the opportunity to be in the same room as an Apostle of the Lord.
After the meeting was over our Hannah really wanted to shake his hand so we made our way to the front and got to shake hands and say hello.
Now everyone is tired :)


nikko said...

How exciting!

Lil' M said...

thats cool. i would be tired too!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

how mice any insights to share

Natalie said...

I love Elder Holland. What a nice day you had even if you had to get up early.

Yvonne said...

I bet that was wonderful.

I remember years ago when we lived in Charlotte, NC, we had Elder Holland (not in the Quorum of the Twelve at the time). It was not very crowded and I WAS SHOCKED. He was fabulous.