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Sunday, June 27, 2010

longest day

Summer solstice, I laugh in your face.

June 21st may have the most light but June 26th was definitely the longest day of the year.

Si and I got up at 3:30 to go get the girls from EFY. I was really tired and grateful she was with me because we took turns driving and sleeping.

When we got there the girls were so excited and it was so fun to hear them chatter about their week and how GREAT it was!!

Our first order of business was to find a laundry mat and get some clean clothes so Em and Jen could repack.
After some driving around and some asking we found one and brought in the clothes. We had to have a little lesson on laundry. Emma was unfamiliar with what a dry sheet was, Jenna couldn't figure out how to put the coins in, there was much revelry with the laundry basket on wheels and we saw a cute bat hanging on the wall outside.

All during laundry time they had EFY stories to tell.

When we were done we went to Natural Bridge, VA and went on a cave tour. And they told stories.

It was cold, and cool, and had watery ponds and great formations. Of course they turned the lights off and we enjoyed the darkest dark.

After that we found "Foamhenge" and hiked up to see it. Very funny. The girls told some more stories!

Then we went to the mall, and to Sonic. and just a few more stories.

Then we found the girls camp and helped them get settled. It was fun for me to see the reaction of the other campers to an all girl venturing crew! I guess they get it all the time but this was the first time I was there to see the shock and awe, and the chivilrous nature of the other scouters (guess it doens't hurt that they are a pretty cute crew to boot)

Then Alexis, Sierra and I drove home. It was a long drive.
at 11:30 pm we were back and I was ready for bed. (and Alexis was ready go tell stories to her mom :) )
whew! what a day.
I was tired of driving but so happy to spend the day with these cute girls and their giggles. We laughed a lot. I am so glad they got to go to EFY, such a testimony builder!
Now the venturers are off for a week of caving and canoeing and white water rafting...and I have a day to get ready for girls camp!


Natalie said...

J is soooooo beautiful!

matt and michelle ray said...

A very long day for you and very appreciated from me! Thank you sooo much! Alexis had a blast! And she decided she wants J for her surrogate big sis. :)

Yvonne said...

So glad they had a great time.

I agree about EFY--it is a wonderful experience for them.

The Texas Bakers said...

I can't wait until McK is old enough for Venturing. I would love to get her on a Crew like yours!