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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the festivities

The promotion was very nice. They had a wonderful slide show, cute decorations, awards and singing and a reception after. H was very excited. She received the presidential award for academic excellence. To get this you had to score in the top 10% in the state for MSA and also have a 3.5 gpa or better.
Hannah and Julia, they have been good friends this year.
Hannah and Katie! We have 6 girls in our neighborhood that are going into 6th grade. How fun! Katie lives down the street from us and is such a cute girl.

Hannah and Mr. K.

After the ceremony we had about an hour before anyone else got home from school so Han and I went out for some chips and dip and a little girl time :)


Natalie said...

Congratulations to a wonderful, beautiful, talented H.
We love you and miss you.

nikko said...

Congratulations, Hannah!

utmommy said...

Congrats Hannah!!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations, Hannah, on a great year. Adjusting to a new school is not easy--she has done so well.