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Monday, November 29, 2010


It's always good to get home. No matter the trouble it takes to get there.

We got to enjoy a long drive yesterday. We made sure to anesthetize the children with a constant stream of DVD's and joined all the other "going home from grandma's, thanksgiving week traffic" on the road. The weather was sunny and the roads dry which was wonderful. We didn't make great time, due in part to the fact that we were pulling a u-haul, however now we have a couch for the basement! and I am thrilled about that:) Most of the drive was pretty good. We did hit a lot of traffic at one point and after impatiently driving in it for a half hour or so Big B hit the abort button and we found a new, picturesque, route through the back roads. We drove by Antietam and although slow, and windy, we were moving so he was happy and the scenery was lovely. The homes were pretty and were mostly decorated. It was funny. Some obviously were anxious to start Christmas and had lights and yard ornaments all around announcing the season. Others were hanging on to the last days of fall, with pumpkins and Halloween banners. It was humorously eclectic. We passed by little stones walls, that I have come to associate with civil war era battle fields, and beautiful churches and streams and trees. If I wasn't tired of driving it would have been quite lovely.

Now we are home, and today I get to clean up and put away.

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Yvonne said...

Welcome home. I will spend time getting my stuff put away and then get Christmas decorations up.