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Sunday, November 07, 2010

wolf cub

Look at my handsome little wolf! Today is our first "scouting for food day" so he got to wear his full uniform to church. He really enjoys scouts, which I am so glad about.

It promises to be a lovely Sunday. The sun is shining and the trees are beautiful in their fall splendor. Maybe we'll take a little walk after church. And today is "fall back" day, I love that day!

Yesterday we had a stake youth activity. We took the kids to Upper Marlboro for a corn maze. They had great time, it was dark so they had to use flashlights and we had a fire and food and marshmallows. They had twice as many youth as expected, which was a challenge for the stake leaders I am sure, but it was so fun for the youth and there was a lots of running around and laughing. We only "lost" one group! in the maze but even they eventually emerged. Amy and her giant van drove up so I rode with her and it was so fun to visit with her.

Big had to work so the little kids went to the McCombs and after Lu's flying fit when I left things settled down and they had a great time. Laura ended up feeding the kids and the Big kid and then they had a fire and ran around in the woods. It was a good night for everyone!

Our official soccer season is over. We had our tournament weekend, and here's the surprising and sad news. E's team won all their games, except for 3 which they tied. No losses. They were ranked first in the league until the last game where their third tie pushed them down to 2nd. We'll we went to the tournament and they had their first loss and were eliminated in their first game. We had some sad and disappointed little boys (and big boys, read: coaches)

Friday night we had an Elder's Quorum social at our house. I cleaned and shopped all day. 60 of our closest friends showed up. We ate. And ate. And visited. The kids ran amok. Everyone had a wonderful time. It's just nice to have a place to sit and chat and relax together. Everyone brought delish food to share and even some of the neighborhood kids joined in. I call that a success.

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Yvonne said...

Never know how you do it all. You amaze me.