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Thursday, November 04, 2010


Today I am grateful for my big umbrella. It's raining outside and my big umbrella kept me dry all the way to the bus stop and back, twice this morning.

I am inside playing hi ho hi ho it's off to clean I go..really wouldn't you think with the amount of effort I make it would actually be clean at some point.

Everyone is back to school. E, who threw up the night before, had to stay home yesterday...even though he wasn't really sick and felt fine. We went out to lunch with Big, then did some Christmas shopping. He picked thoughtful gifts for his grandmothers and Uncle Brian. We also saw some wild life, some of us up close and personal others (me) from the car. On our way out of the neighborhood we spotted a dead deer in the field with a bald eagle sitting on it snacking and many vultures circling waiting for their turn. On the way back we saw a large brown bird sitting on it and E really wanted a closer look. I pulled the car over and he ran up. He got pretty close before, what he identified as an Osprey, but I am not too sure because I think they are gone for the season and I think it may be a female eagle (do they have white heads too?), flew off. Then he found a stick and did some poking. He said the eyes were eaten out, and there was a lot of blood and mess and the deer was hard, he was expecting soft muscle. When he got back he said he wished the deer had died in our yard so he could watch it get eaten, and he wondered for a long time how it died and went through many possible scenarios.

Dani and Tate have their tickets!!! Yeah!!!! Can't wait to see them.


Rachel said...

I LOVE that he wanted to watch that.

The other day as me and Haylee were leaving my parents neighborhood there was a vulture eating a carcass... I think a squirrel. And we pulled over and watched too! Haylee loved it but so did I.

Tell E that I would want to watch too. I know its sick, but it's the circle of life!

utmommy said...

My boys would be right there with him. Poking and looking and saying how cool it was!

marcia@joyismygoal said...


Yvonne said...

So glad Dani and Tate got their tickets.