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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

marco polo mom

Today is election day, so of course that means no school. I took the kids voting with me and then we headed to DC to spend the day. It was very nice. Fallish weather, no crowds, happy getting along children. It was great.

The only bad parts were a)Jenna wanted to go to IKEA and I wanted to go with her, but I would have had to get a sitter for the kids. I tried to sell her on the idea of coming with us, but she wasn't buying. I often feel torn, and often feel like the big kids get the short end of the stick because the little ones take more time and attention. There is a cost to every choice you make in life. I am glad for the choice of having three more sweet babies and wouldn't trade them for anything, there is a cost though and that is that I am busy with little kids and the big kids have to baby sit from time to time and learn to be less selfish. They get a big fun family and the opportunity to serve and nurture (that's the up side), mom is less available for late night movies, and big kid outings (the down side). Every choice has a price. b) I kind of didn't feel great this morning, and considered staying home. But I figured I wasn't dieing so I should go...and on the off chance that I was dieing I might as well spend one last fun day with the kids anyway. So I didn't feel good the first couple of hours and wondered if I had made a good choice, then I felt better and in the end I was glad that 1) I was still alive at the end of the day and 2) we had gone.

c) we lost track of H for a minute. I was worried, then we found her, I was glad. Really everyone was cooperative and stayed mostly with me. I am just a worrier.

which leads me to d) the marco polo problem. I am an attachment parenting style mom for sure. I love the kids in my bed, on my hip, in my skin and by my side. I don't really feel confident that they will even keep breathing without me there to supervise for the first few years and I don't like to leave them. Now they are all bigger so it's better but I still like to know where they are, what they are doing, who they are with and when we go places I want them in sight. For years little has gone to the women's rest room with me. This works great for me. I think he should still come. He does not. Has not for awhile but until recently I could convince him. Now he puts his foot down and would rather hold it until we get home. Urgh! (I can not) So I place him right outside the door and tell him not to move a muscle. Then I take the stall closest to the door and we play marco polo.
Me: "E"
Him: "I'm here"
Me: "okay"
one minute later
Me: "still there?"
Him: "yes mom"
Me: "E???"
Him: "sigh"
I know, I need help....

So we rode the metro, the only way I will go to the mall. It costs but is worth every penny and the kids LOVE it.
Then we went to the Native American Museum. Very nice, lots of fun. We ate in the food court, delish but we won't do that again. We shared a buffalo burger, a Navajo taco, pumpkin salad, chicken nuggets and dessert ($70) Rip off. The kids loved it and it was fun, next time we will go next door to the McD cafe' and enjoy some gourmet mc'nuggets instead.
Then we went to the Air and Space Museum, a favorite.
Then the sculpture garden and the Smithsonian Castle, both delightful. Then rode the carousel and the metro back to the car.

On the way home we stopped for some new shoes for little. His "old" ones (two months old) were a disgrace. His sock poked out of the toe on both feet, his laces were frayed and they were in every way falling apart. What does he do to them?? I have tennis shoes that I have been wearing for 6 years that look better than his 6 week old ones.

I am growing to love our nation's lovely capital. Especially now that I've figured out how not to drive there.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I can relate to the "bathroom" problem. When you live in scarier cities, you should be more cautious. Once, my son and I were traveling from Oregon to Washington. It was a 7 hour drive and we had to stop at a big rest stop. I had him go into the bathroom and talk to me the whole time. Then I took him back to the car where our dog was, made him lay on the floor so no one could see him and then I was able to very quickly use the restroom.
There isn't anything wrong with doing all in our power to keep our kids safe.

And- for our family, I feel like it is the younger kids who get the short shift.

utmommy said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Yvonne said...

I totally understand the attachment thing--I still am that way ; ) I really do like the fact that here they have family washrooms. I think it's such a great idea.

Now, regarding the tennis shoes--little boys are REALLY, REALLY hard on them. But I think if we followed them around for a day or so, we'd know why ; )

Debby said...

I love the Metro too. It is the only way we do DC - unless I'm on a field trip :-)

The Ainas said...

Ummm you sound a lot like how I am... pretty attached! :) I haven't been away from Abby for more than a few hours... at least I know I should get a little better as she gets older! ;)