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Monday, November 01, 2010

a month of thanks!

I love November, it is such a lovely month. I love to visit family for Thanksgiving, it's got none of the pressure of Christmas and all of the holiday fun. Plus who doesn't love pumpkin pie and turkey!!

  • Today I am thankful for the beautiful fall leaves, the trees look like they are on fire!
  • I am thankful I got a start on Christmas shopping ( shh! I got Tate the fabulous fisher price nativity that I love love love for my littles, I should buy 5 more so I can give them to each child when they start having their own children, it is just that delightful!)
  • and I am THANKFUL that Dani and Tate might be able to join us in Ohio for turkey day! We're looking at tickets right now.


Anna said...

Happy November! Although - I do NOT like pumpkin pie. Kauai Krunch Kake is good, but not regular pumpkin pie.

Caroline said...

A month of gratitude. Yes, I'm quite thankful for that, though I need to work on gratitude year round. And Emma doesn't like pumpkin pie. The freak.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I did buy 4 Nativity sets so I could do that very thing- each of my kids will get a set when they get married. The first one will be given next Christmas- but I will be storing the others for quite a few years. I figured that by that time, they either won't make them anymore or they will change them so I don't like them, like some of their little people stuff.

Yvonne said...

There is so much to be thankful for, isn't there ; )

I hope Dani and Tate are able to be with you in Ohio--that would be wonderful.

I think that little Fisher Price Nativity set is so cute.