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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss Matched Girl

This was a slow start morning for us. H was putzing around so long she needed a ride to the bus stop. That girl doesn't have a fast forward button on her anywhere.
Lu and E didn't want to get up either and struggled to get out the door.
But now they're off!
Yesterday it was warm enough to play at the park after school . There were a few kids there and we had a fun time. I think our park days our numbered. Today isn't too cold but it's coming.
I spent the day mostly getting stuff unpacked and put away yesterday.
Poor Big hit a deer and dented his new car hood :( He was not very happy.
Today's agenda: get all the Thanksgiving stuff put away. Do some laundry. Turn in my completed application so I can get finger printed and start subbing. Wrap some Christmas presents. Also I have a very important decision to make. Send Christmas cards or not. We always do...but I'm kind of feeling like not this year. I do love getting cards but...


Anonymous said...

We've inkled away from Christmas cards. Now we try to write a letter (don't always manage it) and send it mostly to people via email. Kind of lame, but more manageable than cards. Like you, we've had a number of holiday babies and this year is no exception. I'm in survival mode and definitely not up to sending cards.
We have several kids who don't have a fast forward button, especially in the morning.

Yvonne said...

Mornings are harder for some than others. (And I really don't know how you change it ; )

Sorry about the deer--never fun, and a little scary.