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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tomorrow morning Big B and I are leaving for a little weekend trip to NYC!!! I am super excited. It's been on my "list" forever. I wish I could spend a week but am really glad we get to go at all. We are going to see Lion King on Broadway and eat at Bobby Flay's place ;) Yeah!
In other news, the weather has been delightful this week. Cool and crisp and lovely. Tuesday morning my friend Amy and I walked to the wharf and enjoyed the autumn air so much.
The kids have been playing outside a lot and it's been just lovely.
Today is Veteran's Day. The three little ones went to a birthday party this morning and ran through the woods and jumped on the trampoline to their hearts content.
We also had some dental visits. J and H got clean bills of oral health and new tooth brushes. Now just the big guy is left and he goes in a few weeks.
Report cards came out this week. J has all A's, as does E. H is mostly on the A side with a couple of B's and little Lu is "proficient" in each area. Good all around. J got her ACT score back this week too, a 27. Not too bad. Hopefully good enough!
and I am so excited! only 2 weeks until I see little Tate and have a great family Thanksgiving!! and 1 week until Harry Potter comes out! and 6 days until Bobby Flay throws down with the Pioneer Woman. I have my DVR ready to go :)


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Wow fun you didn't even say ....??? call if you need a local contact (my brother)and since I was just there I have tons of ideas

Tori said...

Carnegie Deli, Shake Shack, Corsino Cantina, Schnippers. Jealous.

Congrats to Jenna. Keeping our fingers crossed for her!

Yvonne said...

I love New York City--HAVE FUN. We saw Lion King there several years ago. You will LOVE IT.

Way to go J.

I'm excited about Harry Potter, too.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Lion King is my absolute favorite!! And! Have fun!

utmommy said...

Hope you're having fun!