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Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I celebrated the 30th anniversary of becoming a teenager. Then I was very excited to be 13, I went to Park View Jr High, my BFF was Lana, I loved horses and reading and walking to Winschells for donuts. I loved to watch the Dukes of Hazard and CHiPs and when I could the Love Boat, although I wasn't supposed to. Valerie Dopp was my Beehive leader and the only things I could cook were chocolate chip cookies and instant pudding.

Now I am just happy to be on this side of the dirt:) I cook a lot of things, still love to read and I am the YW leader instead of the YW. I still like chocolate chip cookies....but I have vowed that this really is going to be the year I get that under control.

So we had a fun day. First we went to the movies and saw Rio in 3D. It was cute and snappy. Then we went to Okada. Everyone but Lu enjoyed it. She was scared of the flames, hated the food and was mad that a shrimp touched her plate. She did eat my complimentary birthday dessert. In the evening we went to the Martines' for a fun BBQ. Chelsea made a cake and we had a campfire after dinner. We ended with FHE.


nikko said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to my first born. I love you.

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like everything was wonderful.

I'm still laughing about the ""now I am just happy to be on this side of the dirt" ; )

utmommy said...

That darn shrimp!

I have a good life said...

Sounds perfect. :) I thought of you all day. I texted you in the morning-but I am not sure if you got it.....perhaps you've changed your number since I last texted you! :)

Love ya and happy belated birthday!

Debby said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday!

The Ainas said...

How fun! :) And... April is a good month to have a birthday ;)

DesertDopps said...

Happy Birthday, Lana! It has been many moons since the beehive campout when the racoons ate our watermelon :) Sounds like you had a great day!
Love Valerie D.