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Saturday, April 23, 2011

the end of the trip

Rain boots, umbrellas and flashlights were placed by the door and we turned in for the night hoping not to need them. 2am brought a familiar groan from our rogue vomiter. E dashed for the door and threw up over the deck. I don't know why he randomly barfs but he does. He went back to bed and since I was now awake I needed to pee and headed up the hill to the very chilly bathroom.

4am. Mom?? (groan) yes? I need to go to the bathroom. So we geared up and went out in the rain to the chilly bathroom again.
That is not the best part of camping.

Today we woke up to more rain, and lots in the forecast so we packed up, checked out, and went to Bob Evans for an end of vacation breakfast.

Vacation was a delight. One thing I found so interesting was we gave each child $20 at the beginning of the trip and told them they could buy whatever they wanted but when the $ was gone they were done spending. We would buy meals and admissions to what we were doing but anything else they wanted was up to them. Watching them spend and choose was fun. Lu found a package of lip gloss at the camp store minute one. She wanted it but didn't buy it right way. She used it as a measuring rod for all other purchases. Did she want whatever she was looking at more than the lip gloss? In almost all cases the answer was no. She did pool some money with Ethan to buy Tatum a present, and she did buy Ethan a pack of cards from the Disney store. This morning we went back to the camp store and she got her lip gloss. E spent most his money day one. He bought Tate a present and he bought me a cute baby stuffed owl. He spent the rest of his money on playing games at Hershey. He likes to throw balls at things. I would not have chosen that but he loves it. H saved her $ until we went to the outlet mall and then bought some jewelry and a bag at aero. E was the only one who asked for more money, he spent most of his on others and gave his prizes to Lu, he is very generous. He just wanted to play more.

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Yvonne said...

Camping always has its challenges ; )

So very smart to give them a certain amount of money at the start of a trip--great learning experience for them.