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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Between sporting events we did chores. Lucy helped dad outside. She loves to plant stuff :) We are trying some new veggies in our garden this year and are hoping for great success.
The boy helped me with inside chores. Not his favorite. I really want him to grow up to be a man who knows his way with a broom and some ajax. I find this a very desirable and attractive quality.

Jen and Han did our grocery shopping. It is such a treat to have daughters old enough to drive, responsible enough to take my debit card and willing to do the job. It is very interesting to me though that while the children have all grocery shopped with me since they were days old and I have modeled shopping skills to them all that time they still don't know how to do it. I thought they were learning a lot about shopping, yet each girl when sent to the store has struggled. I get multiple phone calls asking stuff like "where do they keep the chicken? What kind of milk? I don't think this Wal mart has sugar??" They often bring home odd sizes of stuff, brands we don't normally buy and missing items. Which is fine. Teach and reteach. I am just still surprised. It makes we wonder what else I have modeled for them, that I thought they learned, that they really have not...and conversely what have I taught that I didn't mean to.

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Yvonne said...

Such a good experience for the girls to do the grocery shopping. Nice for all of them to get an understanding of all that is involved in keeping a house clean. (But wouldn't it be nice if all we had to do was twitch our nose ; )