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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday I had sick kids, really we are not yet 100%, but we are getting better. Lu had a fever starting on Monday. H has been feeling poorly for two weeks. She stayed home one day last week and then again on Tuesday. Thank goodness for big girls. S doesn't have classes and didnt have to go to work until later so she stayed home with the girls. J has early release so she covered the afternoon. There was a 45 min gap but we thought H could handle it and she did.

Last night the Laurels went sailing. The weather was a little iffy all week and I was worried but we went and it was perfect. Beautiful and not cold. The girls had a really good time and so did I. I will post pictures as soon as one of our laptops works. My baby sophie is having a break down, it is sooo slow, like back to the days of give a command and come back in 10 to see if it's done, and it locks up still. R's wouldn't talk to the camera, don't know why. Hopefully tonight we (read:Big) will figure something out....or finish our taxes seeing that tomorrow is the deadline.

One more day until spring break!! one more lunch duty, one more night of homework, one more!

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