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Friday, March 06, 2009

freaky friday

so, today we had a stager come over. Our house has been on the market for about two months and while we've had showings there has been nothing promising.

She was very nice. Cute and friendly. She didn't really like anything we have however. She walked around making notes and suggestions. None of them cheap.

After she left we evaluated the list and decided on a few things that we thought would be good to do and then headed for the stores. Shopping and decorating can be fun. What is not so fun is trying to guess what someone else might or might not like. Especially a someone else you do not know at all. I didn't agree with all of her ideas, but many were good and with a limitless budget sure we would do it and it would look great.

I always thought I had pretty good taste and our home looked pleasant. Apparently not so much. Add to that that H wants me to go on "What not To Wear", Brother has suggested a few weeks on Survivor might be good because all the contestants lose weight, I hear regular complaints about my cooking letting me know I am no Iron Chef, and I am hair impaired and can't carry a tune in a bucket (and clearly watch too much TV :) )...a girl could get a complex!

...other than that fun time. Brother got to play with C tonight and H went to a birthday party at Brendalynn's and she and S went to see "Jonas Brother's 3D" concert. Beloved was home for an off Friday, but not in a very good mood with lots of work and moving stress on his mind.

and in other news Lu has been dry the last three nights and wants to sleep in underwear!!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

decorating can be fun but knowing it is all just to be leaving-takes a little wind out of the sails

Kathy said...

Well I think you are great and you don't need any help from those shows. Kids can be harsh at times, so don't take it personally.
Sorry you had a crazy day.

I have a good life said...

Hey...I think you are one of the greatest people I know! Without "Survior," "What Not to Wear," or any TLC decorating show! Your house is beautiful and there is always such a spirit there, which is more important by far than expensive decorating.

That said, sorry about the stress of it all. Both of you looked so tired last night. Thank-you for letting E come over.

Yvonne said...

Although I don't "really" know you, I think you are great.

I hate moving--it is such a stressful time. But it will be over soon. Hang in there.