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Sunday, March 08, 2009

pinewood derby & chili cook off

Last night was our ward social. I have to say it was short and sweet. We got there a little late, having had a full day of checking stuff off our stagers list of "improvements". And arrived with the festivities in full swing.

Our car, the shark, was slow due to a bent axle :( and it was single elimination so we were out early, but that was okay. The kids had a great time watching the other cars and cheering their favorites. And playing with friends of course.
Bro Ballard made a sail on the top of his and brought his leaf blower to give it a push! Nikko's DH plane oops I meant car, actually left the track and became a flying hazard so he never even raced his! It was fun to see the different designs and strategies people used.

The chili was also good. Sister Meyer won. I have never eaten anything that she has made that hasn't been wonderful!
We were home by 8:30 and had time to finish our list and get to bed at a reasonable time...until we realized it was spring forward night (boo hiss) and we were late to bed again.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Well- since the time change occurs in the early morning hours- you weren't technically late, right?

I don't miss the pinewood derby for the scouts- way too much pressure :) but we had fun with a ward one a few years ago- maybe I will suggest to the DR that the EQ host one again-

Have a great weekend- and post before and after pics of the staging- I am quite curious to know what kinds of things she suggested you change.

Yvonne said...

As long as the kids have a fun time at the Pinewood Derby ; )

I'm with you on the spring forward.