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Monday, March 02, 2009

happy Monday

A good weekend was had.
Friday night I went out to dinner with a few friends and then to catch another showing of Twilight. We laughed together, and admired Edward's vampirey cuteness. When I got home (at near 1am) I snuck through the house checking on my precious sleeping family. First I cracked open S's door. Lights off, music on, sleeping away. My big girl, almost ready to be all grown up. I am glad she wants to move to MD with us, even if it's just for a short while.
I gently closed her door and turned to head to brother's room. He was sleeping too, one foot peeking out of the covers that he had pulled up around himself. Next to him in a sleeping bag was his friend Ryan. Spending the night. All around were star wars chubby guys and army men. They lined the window sill, stood in rows on the open slats of the blinds and were standing in battle formation on the rug. Keeping watch over the darkness that is night.
Through the living room and past the "lighthouse bathroom" I came to the girls room. They were side by side in their beds, a nightlight casting it's soft glow on their peaceful faces, a pile of books on each bed, the soft sounds of slumber filled the room.
Gratitude filled my heart as I check on each one and found them well and sleeping quietly.
Lastly I took to the stairs and went to check on J. I shivered a little as I passed through the always colder upstairs and found her also sleeping. Her cell phone was in her hand, her covers over her head. I imagine she spent the evening chatting in her room with friends :)
Finally my rounds complete I slipped into my room and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed in the dark so as not to disturb Beloved. On the way to the bed I tripped over Millie, who didn't stir or offer to move and then climbed in to my warm, soft spot next to my own Edward. Bliss.

Saturday was full of karate, and cleaning, and a trip to the movies for S and J, then conference. We went to Soup & Salad before and sat with Trevor and Tracey during dinner. We had a fun chat and enjoyed their company. Conference was wonderful. I took many notes. One thing that I wrote down was a comment that Luis Tover made. He said he remembered hearing that you have to chose life or death, heaven or hell, Christ's way or Satan's and he thought "who would ever chose death, hell and Satan?" Then he said but I've realized that you must actively chose Christ's way every day. By not being engaged in choosing that path you by default choose the other. I think that's right. By simply neglecting what is right and good we automatically slide the other way. You can't be neutral. After the conference we stood around and visited with friends then made a quick stop at the bookstore.

Sunday was Stake Conference. It was a broadcast and it was very good. In the afternoon we lazed about. It was sunny so we went outside and Beloved worked on our pinewood derby car, and the kids played on the grass. Soon we had blankets out to lay on and read...and soon we were snoozing in the sun, Millie standing guard :)
The big girls had some friends over for Wii and movies, they stayed and had dinner with us and spent the evening. Very fun.

Now I am ready for a good week to start. Warm weather is on it's way. Lu's friends are here to play. Content.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

That is so very true! If you don't choose Christ- conciously- then you choose Satan by default- there really isn't any other posistion.

Yvonne said...

Movie/book Edward is great, but, like you, I prefer my own Edward ; )

I love the quote Neal Maxwell has used, it's not his, "If in the end you haven't chosen Jesus Christ, it doesn't matter what you choose." A constant reminder that we are making that choice throughout our day.

I love Stake Conference.