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Saturday, March 28, 2009

the one where I ramble about many thing

Yesterday some one came to look at the house. We've been having quite a few showings, I think we've had about 12-14ish in 3 months so that's not too bad. It think someone will want it eventually. Originally I had scheduled April 1st as my 'to panic by date' but I think I'll extend it a little. It really is a nice house so there you go. I was picking up yesterday and happened to look out at the pool and I wondered who would be swimming in it this summer. It's always odd to think of someone new living in your house. When we moved from our Babbling Brook house it was very odd to go trick or treating in the neighborhood a few months later, mostly so our little old neighbor next door could see the kids, she always was so sweet to them and loved to see them, and to knock on our old door. The new owners invited us in and it was strange to see their stuff and what they had done to the place. I hope they've been happy there. We were. They were sort of odd ducks, which certainly doesn't mean they couldn't be happy, thank goodness since I am a bit of and odd duck at times myself. When Heather and Brian moved into our ward it was funny to me to see them, since I had known them in CA, and even funnier to realize that we had both lived in the exact same home, rented from my MIL. I sometimes wonder who lives in the "fountain house" on 12th street. I really liked that house with it's beautiful wisteria and huge laundry room.

I sometimes also wonder about previous occupants. For example, the lady who built this house was super nice and neat. She collected giraffes, which I remember from our visits prior to deciding. She held women's Bible study in her living room and the house had such a inviting peaceful spirit to it, I really was grateful for that.

This morning we went to Kenna's baptism. It was very nice. Of course. I love President Hadley. I loved hearing the little vignettes about each child. E and Ryan listened so closely, both looking forward to their own baptisms. Ryan's this year, E's next. I felt a little sad that we wouldn't be here for it. It's been a long move for us, which is emotionally taxing. When we moved to TX we found out in Oct and were here by Dec. Quick, crazy and then done. That's WAY better. We came here thinking it would be forever and now we have to leave. I was thinking today that next spring Katrine will get married (one of Dani's good friends) and I would have loved to be here to go, and if we were here this summer then J could lifeguard at the rec center with Emma and what a fun time that would be, and S could start school just down the road, and Beloved and H could get their black belts with Mike, and we would be here to see how the ward is split. I am sure it will turn out fine, and we might even love it there, it's just difficult now. Many moments become bitter/sweet as I think "oh our last Easter, we better have a huge party and hunt for eggs in our yard for one last time" or this is the last __________.

I've been reading about the women back during the American Revolution and it's been so interesting. They were so strong and patriotic and hard working. Reading has made me SOO grateful for the blessings of living in this day. The medical advances alone are worth a week of gratitude. First of all birth control: tremendous blessing. Really. Can you imagine if there was nothing you could do to prevent pregnancy, many women could expect to bear a child every other year for all their fertile life time. That is a lot of babies, and a lot of toll on a person. Many women died in childbirth, something we hardly ever hear of in our country today. In fact, I do not know a single woman who has. Amazing. Also so many babies and children died. It was not uncommon to lose half of the children you gave birth to before they reached adulthood. How sad. And Immunizations! Another HUGE blessing. I have been reading about all the deaths from influenza, small pox and dysentery and the huge risk it was to be inoculated for small pox and the horribly long processes it was, yet many chose that rather than risk getting the disease. Today we go get a shot, and while there are a small number of adverse reactions for the most part it works great and many killers are now obsolete! Miraculous! And the work, cooking, cleaning, making soap and fabric and everything. Wow.
I have also been touched by the great sacrifices they made. Living for months or even years alone managing the farm and family while a patriot husband went to fight for liberty. The women were true patriots as well. What great love they had for freedom and hopes for a new country. Do we love it still? like that? I wonder. Do we work hard? I don't have to wonder there.

Watched the end of Pride and Prejudice again last night. I love the part where Mr Darcy comes walking out of the mist and he and Elizabeth finally, finally, realize their love aloud.
"Mrs Darcy. Mrs Darcy. Mrs Darcy" swoon :)

Crock pot week, which was so dismal, is being revisited, sort of. I got several wonderful sounding recipes from several good friends and plan on trying a couple each week, starting with tomorrow. Yumm.

Tonight the big girls and I are going to the General YW Broadcast. I am looking forward to it. A couple nights ago I watched a wonderful talk on BYU TV it featured Leriel can't remember her last name who is a convert from Brazil and her story, which I found so inspirational.

Lastly, I am going to miss our pool. We moved once that I remember when I was young. We lived in a house from the time I was in K until the end of 3rd grade. Then we moved. I remember going to look at houses and we looked at one that was right across the street from Monte Vista and it had a pool. Alec and I wanted it. Mom and Dad picked a different house. I don't really know why, although I am sure there were many reasons. I remember that pool we didn't get. I always wanted a pool, even though I am not a strong swimmer. I love going to the pool, I LOVED going to the beach as a girl and a teen. LOVED it. The best part of this house has been the pool. If I were a poet I'd write an ode. Instead I'll satisfy myself with a poor haiku.

nope, can't think of one.



Okay, here goes:

glistening water cool
shrieks of laughter fill the day
splashing, jumping, fun



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Yvonne said...

I agree that knowing you are going to move and thn a few months later moving is much easier. I often wonder about future occupants, too.

I always enjoyed Young Women's Broadcast--I'm sure his one was great, too. I'm sure looking forward to General Conference.

I have a good life said...

Okay...I am sitting at my computer (where I should be just working and instead am reading your blog) and crying my eyes out! You can't move. You just can't. Okay, you can. But I am so sad. And C actually gets to get baptized, but E won't be here. And..where am I to go if I am hysterical in the middle of a Saturday and I need someone to be there for me? Change is so hard. The good news is that if you hadn't had so many good times in Texas you wouldn't be so sad to go!