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Sunday, March 08, 2009

a moment in our day

We try and have family scripture study every day. We fail. But we keep trying. Sometimes we'll do great for months at a time, then bam we forget a day or two and then weeks slip by. But we always come back to it.
Sometimes it's just a verse or two.
Sometimes everyone lays on the floor and cries.
Sometimes kids get in trouble and parents get mad.
But sometimes it's wonderful. We discuss and read and share.

Sometimes everyone listens and has comments and questions.

Sometimes we feel the spirit and are grateful for the Lord's blessings.
Always we know this is what we need to do so we plug along.

Last night was a good night, and Beloved had the camera, so we caught it and can remember! yea!!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

That is the whole point, I think. To keep trying, even though it isn't perfect, and sometimes even more important is the point of perseverence when it isn't.

Thanks for a reminder post-

lera said...

It can be hard to have everyone together and happy for scripture study.

We have been lucky (most of the kids are too young to complain much), but we are on our third time reading the Book of Mormon. And we read the New Testament, too, so far. We don't read as much as we used to. We used to faithfully read a chapter a night. Now I'm happy if we read 1/2 a chapter.

It doesn't really matter how much you read, it's just that you do it.

Yvonne said...

I think that's all we can do KEEP TRYING.

The Wendler Family said...

Oh yes. All too true. Right now we're just trying to get Amelia to sit still and listen. Lately we do best when we have her recite an article of faith a few times. Then she is really involved and behaved.
Way to go. The good times make the bad times all worth it!