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Saturday, July 24, 2010

crab cakes!

I saw a sign for a crab cake dinner at St Georges Island and knew we had to fit it in. This morning we had family cleaning hour, and went to walmart for the weekly damage, then got Lu ready to go to a birthday party (which she later proclaimed was the "BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EV-AH) and then we drove out.

Big B was at the pool with H and little b so it was just J, D, T and me.
A) the island was SO cute! Loved it. Loved the houses, loved the smallness of it. I wanted this cute cute pink house on the water with a lovely wrap around porch :)

B) it was the 143 annual crab dinner and they know what they are doing. So yumm-O!
We got to go boxes and found a cute little beach where we could have a picnic. Tate put her toes in the water. Lovely.
C) the company was awesome. We laughed and ate and had a fun time.
After we were done we went to get Lu. Came home and made cupcakes and cut watermelon and then went to the ward Pioneer Day Celebration, which was fun.
Dani took the kids home and Big B and I went shopping for our big date of the week. We got some new shoes for him and some school supplies.
Now J and D and I are watching "When In Rome"


Yvonne said...

School supplies--ALREADY????

Hope you had a great Pioneer day.

I thought "When in Rome" was kind of cute.

Debby said...

Sounds like a great day!

The Texas Bakers said...

I thought that movie was pretty fun. I love all the pictures. That baby girl is getting so big!

Shelly said...

How was "when in rome"? I have it in my queue sometime.