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Thursday, July 29, 2010

new name

my name is "momma I need". My children must belong to an indigenous tribe of some sort because they have renamed Beloved and I. I am "momma I need" or "momma can I have", he is "dad will you" or "dad can we". Kind of as glamorous as "dances with wolves" or as sweet as "mother whom I love so much because she does so much for me and I am grateful" but not.

This morning, after a not so careful budget watching trip, I announced to E and Lu that we will not spend a penny today.
They were very concerned. Why? Don't we have money? don't we have a credit card? I thought there was money in the bank!?!

So I explained that while we do have money in the bank we want to keep it there so someday, some distant day when everyone is grown, daddy and I can go on a mission or 4. And we have food and there are free things to do and we will find them. Maybe we won't spend money for a week (gasp!)

How can that be??

in other news we went to E's first pack meeting last night. It was awesome. We threw raisins at plates and stacked cookies and blew ping pong balls with straws; by we I mean they and I watched so it was sort of the royal "we". Then he got his Bobcat badge! and some belt loops and retired the flag. It was lovely.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

cub scouts is sooooo fun i love those live off of whats in the house weeks it is very eye opening

Yvonne said...

Hooray for E.

You are doing a great job teaching your children--it's so important that they understand that money doesn't grow on trees and credit cards HAVE TO BE PAID OFF each month.