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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ghost walk, fun shop

The girls had a really good time on the ghost walk, and then came home and told me all about it, so it was just like being there :)
Tate had a good time sleeping while her momma was gone ( as you can see )
Today we went to some more shops in Williamsburg. They are really cute. This would be a perfect girls trip because it has such lovely shopping.

Then we ended our trip with a stop at the Yankee Candle Flagship, which was the funnest store I've ever been to. It has such CUTE stuff. The Christmas section actually snows on you every 3 minutes! and they had every cute, festive, fun thing you could ever want to buy.
Little B is going to be a good shopper, much better than his father. He knows how to smell candles and oohh and aahh at the stuff with the best of us.

Lu thought she needed this wonderful elephant for her herd :)


marcia@joyismygoal said...

that sounds good to me how far from you>

Martines Family said...

I love the Yankee Candle shop! It is amazing. I love Williamsburg!! Isn't it the BEST!!!

Yvonne said...

Those apples look delicious.