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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Last summer we went to a concert at the college, part of their summer series. It was a lot of fun and we were looking forward to this years line up. On Tuesday night we packed a picnic and headed over. It turned out to be kind of funny. "They" decided it was too hot for the old people and moved it inside, which was not as fun, or as casual as a picnic on the lawn, but they said we could take our lunch inside so we went ahead.
Then came the big surprise. Instead of a musical extravaganza the performance was a monologue of a man who pretended to be Thurgood Marshall and told about his life. It was actually very interesting, since I didn't know anything about him...but this kids didn't enjoy it as much. They ate, and sat quietly and were overjoyed when it was done :)

Yesterday I went to see Eclipse with the YW. It was not a YW activity, we just went together, we had several other moms join us too & another grandma :) I really liked the movie, maybe it was my favorite so far....but I didn't love seeing it with my girls. I felt too squirmy. The previews were bad enough but then there were some steamy scenes and I was groaning inside. I should be a pillar of virtue, not a pillar of salt for them. No more movies for us..collectively. And I have to go back and see it again when I can relax


Debby said...

I haven't seen it yet if you want company when you go.

The two old crows said...

I enjoyed going and thought it was the best of the three.
I wondered about the steamy scenes, you would think with a mormon author you wouldn't have those kinda of scenes.