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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yesterday was the first of October. Yeah! October always marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. Lucy has been waiting to wear her cute trick or treat shirt and finally she could :)

To celebrate the day we made Halloween sprinkle cupcakes. It turned out to be a fortunate turn of events because one of my VT sisters was in a car accident, she's okay, and I was able to run over a plate for her family.
For activity days yesterday Gretchen , the world's best activity day leader, took the girls to Camp Carter to do archery. H had a wonderful time. She said when they drove into the camp there was a big sign saying "Welcome Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Activity Day Girls!"
I also started my Christmas shopping. Three presents down....many to go ;)


Shauna6pack said...

I wish Gretchen was my girl's Activity Day's leader! She's one of my favorite people in the whole world (and so are you!)

Gabriela said...

Yay for October! I love the trick or treat shirt. :)

Amanda said...

Yummmm, cupcakes! :)

Way to go starting your shopping already. It's not December yet, so I can't even think about starting. ;)

The Texas Bakers said...

I am so glad the girls all had fun! Gretchen really is the best.

Anne/kq said...

Now I want cupcakes!!!

I bought my nieces' and older two daughters' main Christmas presents last week. I have had some stuff for the kids in the family for months. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for most of the family though! I also need to start hitting the thrift store for books and things for the girls' "little" presents... I love Christmas shopping, but it's a challenge because we have very strict rules about how much to spend and how much to consume in the process!

Yvonne said...

Love that cute little shirt.

Happy October.

Great job on starting your Christmas shopping. I'm going to have to get busy when I get home.