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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tomorrow we "vacation", okay road trip.

Things to do today, so we can leave tomorrow:

  • Go to the pool store: get DE, acid and a new float
  • Talk to the pool guys about coming in a week to check chemicals
  • Take Millie to the Steers to be doggy sat while we're gone
  • Get trip food at Wal mart
  • get an oil change
  • wash car and vacuum it
  • pack (luckily we only have a couple loads of dirty clothes so this will go relativly quickly)
  • clean house
  • return library book
  • take a key to Kriste so she can bring in the mail and water the garden
  • go to the bank
  • go to the pharmacy to get my perscription
  • take S to the Richardsons (she's the lucky winner of the fly to Utah ticket since our car doesn't hold our whole family and she is going to EFY and returning later than us. SHe will fly on Monday)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

one might think all we do is swim....

one would be right :)

Yesterday our friends called and invited us to go hang out with them at their pool. The kids cheered and we grabbed our suits and off we went. It was a lot of fun.

After we stopped by Grandma's house and the kids helped her sweep her garage.

After all the kiddos were in bed last night we watched Failure to Launch. I had wanted to see that in the theater but never got to it, which is no surprise since we normally see about 2 or 3 movies a year in the theater.
We have a blockbuster membership and we've been taking the kids every few days and letting one pick a movie, everyone had a turn except little J, she had two. Her first pick was Winnie the Pooh and they didn't like it so since she was last she got to go again. Next she picked Hello Kitty. A much more sophisticated film :) E chose Spiderman meets the Daredevil (cartoon), little S chose Inspector Gadget, H chose Pochantas, M chose Aquamarine (everyone's favotire pick~ I think they watched it 4 times) and T chose The Three Musketeers. The kids have enjoyed it.

We've tried to plan things for the kids to do each day that would be fun. I often wonder what will stand out in their memories, what they'll enjoy in the long run. Over the years I've been surprised. One year my SIL and I took all our little kids on a camping trip without our husbands. It was it was so much work, and fun. After we got back we asked them what their favorite part was and they said stopping at McDonalds on the way home and playing on the playground.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

our TX days are drawing to a close.

V and the kids are leaving on Thursday. I can't believe it's been three weeks already. We have had so much fun. I would be SO sad, except we are going to pack up the minivan and follow them out to Utah. We're actaully leaving on Friday but then we'll be there for12 days so that'll be so fun. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing DD#1! And the little kids have never been to Utah so there will be lots of fun things to see and do. And we can spend more time with the cousins. They have been having tons of fun, very few disagreements and will be so sad when the vacation is over.

G loves chocolate, she's such a girl!
We spend hours each day in the pool.

The "Blondies!" I think they look a like, and they both look like Aunt Anna who we can't wait to see on Saturday!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

no birthday is complete without...

the birthstory. I love the scene in "City Slickers" where Billy Crystal's mom calls at his exact birth minute to wish him a happy birthday, weeping while she recounts his birth story to him. I'm not that bad, but I do remember it every year and reminisce about it. I guess it's just such a moment that it never dims in your memory. Sometimes I can't remember what I ate last night, or if I turned off the iron, or where I left my keys. But those days, the birth-days of my babies, those I remember.

E's birth was an eventful one for us. Monday night we took the girls to our friend's home to swim. Our good friends the Butterfields were there and we enjoyed swimming and laughing. I was due in a couple of days and Sheila and I were talking about how fun it would be to have the baby here finally. It was a wonderful evening. We went home and put the girls to bed. Then we went to bed.

A couple hours later I woke up to go to the bathroom. (surprise). While I was in there I felt this huge gush of water. Did I just pee the biggest amount of pee humanly posible I wondered or did my water break? I wasn't sure. In retrospect it seems silly. I never wanted to go the hospital and be sent home & I didn't want to wake any of our friends to watch the girls for nothing. So I walked around the house a while, looking out windows, enjoying the quiet, wondering if this was the last time I would feel little kicks in side of me.

Finally I had a few contractions. I woke DH up and said I "might" be in labor. We waited a few more minutes and then he started calling our list of midnight help, and getting stuff together. I got dressed. Fretted about if this was it and we got out to the car. We had to drive three blocks, small, normal, residential blocks to Sheila's house. DH took the girls in, she came out to the car to wish us well and off we went.

We drove to the freeway. The contractions were coming quite close and I was very quietly breathing through them thinking "we're not going to make it". Then we turned onto main street and kept on driving. Eventually I thought, still quietly so as to not panic the driver and keep us safely on the road :), well whatever happens is fine and I bore down just a little to relieve the pressure. As you can probably guess it didn't take long before he was coming.

I then said (outloud), his head is out. DH said something like "what?!! what should I do?" I told him to pull over and help me. There was construction on the road so it took a minute to pull over and then he hopped out, and slammed his finger in the door, and ran around to my side just in time to help me lift him out of my 'underwear'.

Now what should we do he asked? I said I guess we should drive on to the hospital so I wrapped him in my dress, lifting it up from the bottom and we drove. We turned on the heater, not wanting him to get cold and I just sat there and looked at him. After a couple blocks I thought I should see if it's really a boy, yep it was. Then I asked DH what his name was. We couldn't agree the whole pregnancy and after a lot of discussion, a lot of discussion I finally said he could pick. He said "Noah". Okay.

He didn't cry and kind of gurgled while we were driving. I tried to rub him and talk to him but really we were not worried. It was calm and peaceful and DH and I both felt like we were in the presense of angelic helpers and things were fine. When we pulled into the parking lot we stopped in front of the gaurd and DH yelled out the window that we had had a baby. The gaurd ran over and looked in the window, then ran in, and then many people ran out. A nurse reached in the open window and cut the cord and took the baby and left. I turned to DH and said go with the baby so he hopped out. Then there I sat, umblical cord hanging out, placenta in, car running, blood and other lovely fluids everywhere. A gurney came out and the nurses were trying to figure out what to do with me. Finally I said well I'll just step out and get on. I got a look like you can do that? Yep, out I hopped and in we went. When we got in the ER someone asked me where the baby was. What? Don't you have him? That was my only moment of worry.

They took me upstairs and the doctor came in and delivered the placenta while I answered a million admission questions. Why do you pre-admit again? The cord and placenta seperated from each other so I had the fun of the OB fishing that out, probably the worst part of the whole thing, then DH and our new son came to my room. Finally. He looked great. Well, as you can see he actaully looked like he hit a brick wall with his face but I guess that's what happens when you come speeding out like that.

The nurse asked us what his name was and I looked at DH who then said E________. Yeah! That was the name I wanted so I said quick write it down. After awhile we went to our room and he was great.

We had lots of visitors, lots of people wanted to know his story. It was very exciting. That next night 8-10 sisters from our ward snuck up to visit and we had a birthday party! Then he came home on Wednesday. It was really my favorite birth, quick, and peaceful. DH had to clean the suburban, which he claims was the worst part:) and E got some great nicknames: Auto being one. Chevy sent him a model suburban for his room and a GC. And he's the only boy I know who doesn't have a birth minute. We forgot to look so we made up one! I guess that will save him a middle of the night phone call when he's in his 40's!

the pictures are in reverse order of how I wanted but Blogger rarely cooperates with me! You can see he got better soon. And the first shot is me and H nursing our babies together, that I just love!

Birthday Boy

Today was E's birthday party. Tomorrow he'll be four! I can't believe it. He had a cowboy party which was very fun. Last night Dh, V and I painted a western scene to put by the front door. We also painted a throw the bean bag through the boot game, which the boys loved. Grandma made bandana print bean bags. They played several games, including the bean bag one, a rope toss game, drop the clothespin in the jar game, and duck duck goose. He got fun presents, had "blue cake" per his request and then ran amuck. Very fun!

He is an awesome boy and such a joy to our family. When we found out we were having a son, after four lovely daughters, we were surprised. My first thought was "oh no, cub scouts!" But after the initial shock, and now that he is in our family, I can not imagine not having him. He's all boy- he can throw a ball, run, jump, kick things, swim under the water, climb a tree. All those things. He's also so, so sweet. He snuggles in so close in the bed in the morning (and sometimes all night long). He is thoughtful and kind and insightful. He loves to help his dad, and all his family really and always reminds us to have prayers and scripture time. He sings really loudly to hymns he loves, will look at books for hours, and likes to play with his friends. I really feel blessed to have such a son. Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Museum Day

Today we went to the museum. We actually went to two because when you buy admission to one you get in free to the other. We went to the cowgirl museum and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Industry. Last week the kids made matching shirts for our field trips and they wore them today. I thought they looked so sweet. In the photo you can't actually tell but they were cute:) We pretty much ran through the cowgirl museum. A few things caught their attention and they liked the little kid play area but the real hit was the FWMSI. We played there for hours and had so much fun!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


S taught our happy family night lesson this week. She did a good job. She chose the topic of the armour of God. First we read in the D&C the verses on the armour of God and then talked about how to get each piece today. Then she called the kids up one at a time and decked them out in full battle gear, labeled appropriately. Then we sang Scripture Power for each kid to dance around in. Very fun. Even little G got a turn.

After we played Mother Elephant. That's what the kids are doing sitting on the couch. A family night favorite. And so funny. Only S cried when he was the skunk. My nephew not my daughter!

Monday afternoon I took G to the pediatrician. She has another ear infection. Her 5th since October. Her 3rd since April. Poor baby. We are going to take her to get tubes in her ears. Of coures all the ENT's are busy until mid July. E got tubes in on his first birthday and they made such a huge difference. He had an explosion of language and was so cheerful and had no pain. It was wonderful. I hope it will be the same for G. She is 17 months old and doesn't say anything yet.

Today we made the kids clean. Everyday they have chores but today we had a biggie saved up. We had them help us clean the garage. It looks so nice, now I can park my van in it again! And they each got $2. for helping which was very exciting and made a trip to McDonalds for hot fudge sundaes a necessity.

DH and I got to spend several hours tonight looking for flights for S. She is going to EFY in Rexburg right after our family reunion week in Utah and we are driving home before she is done so she needed to fly. Because we waited so long to book them there were added difficulties (lesson to learn: don't procrastinate) Finally we got some that will work out great, allow her to fly direct and use our frequent flyer miles. It wasn't easy though. Travel stress!

I have to say our "vacation" with all the cousins is going really great. The kids are getting along so well. H and M are twins and play all day so nicely. They are kind to the little girls so that is nice too. E LOVES T. He has a new hero. They are SOOO cute. T is a great boy, he loves scouting, talks about how "sweet" it will be when he goes on a mission, and is kind and loving. If E emulates that it will be great with me! Everyone does their chores, hops off to the "naughty bench" when needed, and we are having so much fun doing summer school and cooking and playing in the pool . The kids are turning into brown berries and they are all swimming so well!

To be honest, like everything there is a down side. My DH, who is not the most easy going guy in the world, has had moments of stress. His personality, attention to detail, love of order, ect. is so great for his job as an engineer. It's a little more of a challenge in a big family. And he's an only child so you can imagine the culture shock for him! Sister's DH is lonely back home by himself. We have TONS of laundry and dirty dishes, no one gets to bed on time. But the worst thing is when our time together is over we will miss each other even more now that we have had so much fun:(

Sunday, June 18, 2006

the stockyards

We spent a very hot Saturday down at the Stockyards. It was a lot of fun. (except for G and I were both sick...again)

There was a cowboy magician that the kids thought was awesome! They also ran through the human maze. We ate at Risky's, then came home and hopped in the pool!

My Sister V, and the girls were one team. S took the boys through. DH and I stood on the observation deck and took photos.

Last night we had huge thunderstorms. Water actually got in the attic it was blowing so hard.

Friday, June 16, 2006

BBQ Chicken Salad, so easy

bake chicken until done. Cube and marinate in BBQ sauce in the fridge.

black beans
green onions
tortilla chips

dressing: ranch dressing/bbq sauce mixed.

Slice, dice, cube and otherwise prepare above ingredients until they are in pleaseing bite size pieces. Toss and add chicken. Pour dressing on. This is my sisters recipe and I was scared of it at first but it is delish! She serves each ingredient in an individual bowl so everyone can mix as they like. To me this seems like a lot of bowls and a lot of time at the table creating when almost everyone wants everything.

Spenc doesn't like tomatoes, and E didn't want olives. I think they could just pick them out.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

water shoes

Every day we find 7 pair of water shoes, 7 bathing suits, 7 towels. We slather up 7 little bodies with sunscreen. Then we go out by the pool and watch them splash and laugh and jump and dive. They are 7 little fish!

(luckily the teens find their own, I only have to warn them of the dangers of skin cancer, accidental drowning and too loud music each day:})

naptime, sweet, naptime

We have been having so much fun with the cousins, and there is still fun to be had. But the kids are getting tired, which means cranky. Today after lunch we told everyone they had to take a rest. Peaceful sigh. Right now, as I type, all the kiddos are in a bed either sleeping or reading. Val and I are watching Pride and Prejudice, the LDS version. She is doing her nails and I am typing. What a lovely moment of quiet.

This morning we went to the movies. They have a free summer movie marathon every Tuesday and Thursday morning. We saw Elmo in Grouchland. Well some of us saw it. G and I saw the hallway and mini arcade.

We've been swimming every day, and doing summer school, and letting the kids run amuck. Last night the girls got to spend the night at Grandma's so we stayed up with the boys and watched King Kong (very slow).

This afternoon S is going to 6Flags with some of her friends, we're going to swim (surprise!) and we're making BBQ chicken salad which is so yummy.

Last night I got a late night phone call, it was after 11pm and we had just gone to bed. It was D and she was so excited. I thought she'd been proposed to, but no she called to tell me that she caught a big catfish, 15 inches long. She just started her new fishing hobby and was excited. Then she called back 10 minutes later to say she caught an even bigger one. Are you fishing right now? I asked. Yep, she and Greg were fishing with much luck but no camera. Great! College days are so fun. I never went away to school as a young single person. I got married when I was 18 and had babies right away. I did go to school and eventually got a BA and a teaching credential but I have always hoped my girls would go off to school and have so much fun, ...and get an education, of course. I am excited for D and the others too. S wants to go to BYU and J wants to go to BYU-H. D is at UVSC. So here's to carefree college days and midnight fishing!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

childhood toys

challenge: write about your favorite childhood toy. Courtesy of Rachelle

I had a couple favorites growing up. One was a stuffed monkey named Makaka. He lived at my Baba's house and I only played with him when I was there but I would run in from our long drive to her house and get him first thing. I also remember getting a bionic woman doll for Christmas one year. My cousin, Gina, who was prettier and much more sophisticated than I, got a Barbie. Even then I liked strength in women. Little did I know how strong women needed to be to do their "jobs" well.

But the thing I wanted most of all, and sadly never got, was a horse. One summer however my friend Carol asked me to horse sit for her pony Velvet. My best friend in the whole world, Lana, had a horse. The two of us would walk over to the stable early in the morning and clean the stalls, feed the horses, saddle up and then ride all day. It was SO fun. That was my favorite summer as a kid.

the mode of transportation every family needs!

Summer has many joys. One is the ability to laugh bed time in the face and do what you want at whatever hour. For us a wild party hour is 9pm but still the luxury, the sense of freedom, the joy of the different. Last night our friend Ben called DH. He had bought a helicopter (yes, he's loaded) and wanted DH to come out and look at it and film him picking it up, turning it on, etc.

So he got three willing boys to hop in the truck right after dinner and they made the trip out to the airfield and had a great time. The boys got to sit in the helicopter. They got to watch it turn on. It was testostrone heaven:) When they got home they hopped in the pool for a "late night" swim before an even later FHE.

Just to show that we totally believe in breaking gender stereotypes here's the girls having their good time: fixing food for the chocolate fountain. We actaully offered for anyone who wanted to go on the airel excurtion that wanted to to go, we only had three takers. The girls specifically wanted to stay home and help with the treat.

Monday, June 12, 2006

cousins, cousins everywhere!!

Weekends are always busy! This weekend we had youth conference for S. She had a great time. A primary activity for E and H. They had a great time. We had my friends kids most of the day on Saturday, while she chaperoned youth conference. And best of all my sister and her kiddos arrived from Utah for a long visit! We are SO excited!!! They got here Saturday afternoon.

We spent Saturday in the pool. A wonderful activity for all. E is swimming now without a floaty, which is great. Now we just have to work on G, who is fearless anyway.

Yesterday, being Sunday, we didn't swim. This is a debate for us every summer. DH thinks swimming on Sunday might be okay as a family activity. I think we shouldn't. We don't but on particularly hot days we open it up for debate. (opinions welcome)
Yesterday we chose to go on a walk to see the water towers in our neighborhood. It's just a round the block, but it's a TX size block (almost a mile). We started out with a couple kids in the wagon, two riding scotters, one on a bike and one on a big wheel. Luckily G was napping and stayed home with the big girls, who knew better than to start out with us on such an ill-fated trip. By the time we had gone 5-6 house down the road the kids were swapping spots and complaining about the heat. By the time we had made it to the end of the road many were crying and Tanner was riding ahead a few houses, dropping the bike and flopping on the lawn of who ever's house we were in front of. By the time we made the half way mark, the spot designated to stop and have a juice box to fortify them for the trek down the other side and home everyone was tired and hot and sweaty and complaining. H and M (both turning 7 this summer) chose to walk in dance recital outfits. M's vinyl pants were becoming a pool of sweat and she was crying because that feeling made her feel like she needed to whispered discreetly: poop. We stopped by the tower and passed out lemonade. Pronouned: Lee-mo-naw-day. The kids took a sip and said "this juice is boiling, wah!" SO, we finished our fun field trip. Val pulling two scooters, DH with a wagon filled with crying passengers, an empty trash box, and a big wheel tied to the back flopping along because no one wanted to ride it. Thank goodness he had the foresight to take the rope along. Me pushing the bike. And the kids trudging along, feeling "grateful" they weren't pioneers but they weren't stoically grateful they were grateful with a side of whine.
The funniest part for me was watching H and M. They rolled their outfits up to their necks for a breeze and held out the dance trunks to catch some wind. Whenever a car came by, which was seldom, they had to quickly unroll everything. I was in the back of the pack with the slow walkers so when we came up to the house that was across from ours I cut across their yard, threw the stoopid bike over the fence, lifted the three kids that were with me, "hopped" over myself and then we only had to walk the last acre over our backyard. DH and Val went the long way and finished the loop.

We then hosed the kids off and handed out popsicles. Day one of summer vacation fun, complete.

Friday, June 09, 2006

vacuum envy and insomnia

I always sleep well. When I lay down I fall asleep. In fact when I sit down to watch a movie at night I often fall asleep, much to my families chagrin. But the last three nights, for the first time in my life, I am having trouble sleeping. I wake up often at night and stare at the ceiling. It's very wierd. And annoying. I get up and check everyone. Think about things, toss around, read in the bathroom so not to distrub DH. I don't know why but I hope it stops.

My sister just got a new vacuum. A Dyson. My other sister has a Kirby. Sometimes I dream about a good vacuum. We seem to break vacuums a lot so we just buy the cheap-o wal-mart models. I don't think they work as well. Vacuuming is my favorite chore but really the joy is gone for me with the long line of ridiculous vacuums I have been using. I used to ask DH for a nice vacuum on birthdays and Christmas, but there was always something else we needed or wanted and it never made it to the top of the list. Sigh. Well I guess I'll just have to comfort myself with my nice kitchen-aid, and my rocking knife, and flat top stove. (while closing my eyes to the refridgerator that doesn't have ice/water on the door and the couch that Millie has chewed up and the kids have stained) Oh how I suffer ;)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

where I admit to being a bad mommy...

It's 8:45am. We are all still in our jammies and our beds are unmade. The big girls are sleeping, recovering from all the fun of girls camp and just being regular teens. The little are outside playing in the sandbox that they love/and I hate. It's cool still although it'll reach 100 today and air level red. I told them I'd make French toast, but instead of doing that I am looking at blogs and posting. They are playing so nicely I don't want to interrupt them for something like food. I will make the French toast, I'm just enjoying a quiet moment.

I've been thinking a lot about parenting lately. How it shouldn't be hap hazard. How moms should be perfect and have a plan and execute that plan. I look at moms that I think are doing a good job and wonder what I should do differently. I look at moms that aren't doing so well and try and find the thing to avoid. With my oldest DD out of the house, living on her own, going to school, dating someone seriously and we are suspecting there might be wedding bells in the not so distant future I have thought on her life and things I've done well and things I haven't. I am lucky because I have more kids left to adjust my parenting on. I really, really want to be a great mom. Sometimes I am too lazy, busy, tired, whatever. Sometimes I am good.

Guess I'll be good now and go make breakfast.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

easy, easy 3 step pie

We've been sick around here. Almost everyone. I finally got it starting Sunday night. By yesterday (Tuesday) I was in bed~ fever, miserable, sore throat the works. The big girls were at camp so DH took the day off to watch the littles. I got a lot of rest and some antibiotics and today am feeling better. Still tired and still with a headache but better. The house looks like a tornado went through it and my sister and her kids arrive for a long visit on Saturday. I guess we'll have to pull out the mops and the bribes tomorrow.

In the meantime the girls had a good time at camp. The went sailing and tubing down the Brazos, made smores, sang songs, had secret sisters, the works. They both reported that the testimony meeting was wonderful and that they got along. So thumbs up to that.

E is becoming a great little swimmer. H is working on her diving. G won't stay out of the water. I lifeguarded. That and a quick trip to Wal-mart to buy diapers and milk and taking Em to the eye doctor was all I was up to today.

I did make kabobs and pie for a homecoming dinner. I wanted the girls to feel like they were missed. The pie was tart but cool and refreshing. DH loved it. And it was SO easy. Gotta love that when you are tired.

1 can pink lemonade
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tub cool whip
1 graham cracker crust.
Mix the first 3 ingredients. Pour into crust. Freeze. Enjoy.

Also reading a great book "The Secret Life of Bees"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

YW fundraiser, for Nettie

Our YW made these garden stones this year for a fundraiser for camp. They made some two years ago too. It's a lot of fun. They make stones for a couple months, both on YW nights and on their own time. Then then sell them in front of Albertsons mother's day weekend.

They also took orders from a catalog they made. It was a lot of work but made a lot of money and the girls enjoyed it a lot.

These are just a few samples, they had probably 20-25 different patterns.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

ward swim party

I am the ward activities person. I've had the calling for a few months and it's really different for me. I've been in YW for a long time and I loved that. This is less busy.

Last night we had an activity that I was looking forward to and it turned out to be successful. We rented a nearby aquatics center for an evening and most of the ward showed up! It was so fun. We picniced first and then swam for a couple hours. Some of the teens played volleyball. Some adults sat in the shade and visited. Lots and lots of people swam and laughed and splashed. I am excited to print some photos and make a bulletin board for everyone to enjoy.

Emily, Mckinzie, Ariel, S, Holly, Tiff, Emma and J waiting to go in.

me and G, Sandy and Evelyn, Sheila and Peter and E visiting.

Jake and E, best friends!

E going down the slide.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Rainforest Cafe/ Gaylord Texan

Turns out the kids are really sick. I took G to the doctor this morning and she tested (+) for strep, and she has an ear infection. Everyone is on antibiotics now and hopefully will be feeling well soon. DH is really dragging and not feeling well.

Still we have family in town and a little sickness is not going to keep us down. We took them to the Gaylord Texan to walk around, so fun and such luxury! Then we went to the Rainforest Cafe where the kids were so impressed with the sights and sounds of the jungle. I was pretending we lived in Small Town Mexico where we would see monkey and water falls and awesome sites every day:) After we went to a book store, one of our favorite activities.

Now it's 10:30 pm. H went with Nana and Abba to sleep at the hotel!! So exciting for her. Jess and S are swimming in their jeans, something they've been begging to do all week and Jess goes home tomorrow so it was now or never. J is sewing jeans purses, E and DH are asleep and I, well I am up with Albutorol enhanced G who can breath now but is wired.

I never get to sleep :(

E in front of the rainforest cafe with his new friend the red eyed tree frog.!
Me and J and S modeling our new earrings, got at the Gaylord gift shop.

E and Abba by a beautiful fountain.
Waiting for our dinner to be served. We had a good day.

Hopefully everyone will feel better tomorrow!

good thing I have things to do at 4am...

We've had illness. G has been sick for two days. Emily is sick. Yesterday DH was in bed all day. We also have Nana, Abba and Uncle Brian in town for H's dance recital which was yesterday. H felt great in the morning for dress rehearsal. Was sick by afternoon. She still wanted to go so we loaded her up with tylenol. Left Daddy and G home, poor babies! And made the trip anyway.

The recital was very fun. H danced well and had lots of fun. Backstage is as much fun as in the front.

This is H getting ready for her first jazz number "Mickey"

Her whole class just before going on stage.

Stray Cat Strut, tap.

Romeo and Juliette. Our favorite. Ballet.

G and I are up watching Wiggles and being miserable. Hopefully she'll fall asleep before the sun comes up and I can sneak back to bed.