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Sunday, September 21, 2008

1000 words

Our Weekend

Powder Puff

Soccer Game

Sunday School
(Putting on the Armour of God)

a little Bollywood


I have a good life said...

What a great weekend! :) I hope it is the start to a wondeful week.

Shauna6pack said...

Funny! We watched Bride and Prejudice, too! It was on cable so I snagged my Megan and made her watch it with me.

utmommy said...

Looks like fun times.

Suzanne said...

It looks like you had a great weekend. I love Bride and Prejudice. Too bad they didn't kiss at the end. Boo! ;)

Yvonne said...

I hope you'll forgive me for doing all my comments on this one post--my internet time is limited and to wait for the comment thing to come up eats away.

Glad you had a great weekend. I still remember my powder puff football game 40 years ago (silly, eh???)

I loved your fall carnival idea and by all means you should ask for help. I can't imagine any family would mind bringing food and be in charge of a game--that's not too much to ask.

I sat here going "Oh, no" about the bath water ; )
The "book" must have been highly entertaining.

I saw that list on a blog awhile back and loved it. I may have to do it one day. Just think after this trip I'll be able to say I've been on the Great Wall ; )

Adorable picture of Lu.

Love the idea of the 40 day ward fast.

Loved the picture of The Littles.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I like the smile on Bub's face as he sees the ball coming to him.