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Monday, September 29, 2008

the Glamours life of a Goat Girl

Renaldo is doing better. Moving his feeder seems to have done the trick and he is eating and getting bigger. He's a cute little guy and comes running to J when we go to his pen to feed him.
This weekend was change the bedding day...ah, the glamour!

*on a sad note J discovered last week that even though he is not a "meat" goat, he will indeed be slaughtered for food after the sale in the spring. What! The injustice of it all!!


nikko said...

Is the Goat Girl like the Goose Girl? ;o)

So why do they call him a milk goat if he is still to be slaughtered? That doesn't make any sense.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Wow, I was really behind on your blog!! Fun to see the progres on the goat, the swim meet pics are great. . .what stroke does J do? And I love the ones of your parents, I thought they'd left already. . .good times

One For All said...

J is so beautiful! I am amazed when I see pics of the 3 older girls.