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Thursday, September 25, 2008

two days and a complaint

  • got up
  • got kids bathed, breakfasted, lunches packed, out the door at 5:50, 6:15 and 7:20 and then 8:00.
  • picked up bedrooms, made beds
  • cleaned bathrooms and mopped them
  • vacuumed
  • Dad cleaned kitchen and mopped
  • took Lu to play at Austin's
  • went to the store for some forgotten things
  • came home and got ready for luncheon
  • signed up to be H's room mom in response to a pitiful email sent out by her poor first year teacher (who is so sweet and doing and awesome job)
  • Lu came back
  • Friends came over for lunch (had a nice lunch and visit with friends coming to say good bye to Grandma)
  • cleaned up again
  • fixed dinner for the missionaries
  • ate with the missionaries (we had a fun dinner full of laughter and talking)
  • cleaned up after dinner
  • worked with H on her PACE poster
  • went to bed and watched Biggest Loser from the DVR
  • to bed


  • got up and got kids bathed, dressed, breakfasted, lunches packed and out the door
  • cleaned up for luncheon take 2 of friends coming to say goodbye to mom
  • watched Jarom
  • worked on dinner groups with Holly
  • fixed brownies for lunch
  • had friends over for a lovely visit and delicious food (which BTW did you realize how many pts cheese has??? ~yep, trying WW, again)
  • cleaned up after friends
  • took H to ballet with Karlee (bring a friend week)
  • dinner for kids(of sorts)
  • soccer practice in the back yard
  • requiring baths after
  • apple project with E
  • math homework with H
  • solved swim team warm up issue with J (solved it by sending her to Grandma to hem them)
  • ate a cucumber (darn cheese) for dinner
  • blogged
  • bed

Here comes the complaint, my sister got a job and now has no time to talk to me on the phone. It's very sad. Finally after not talking for 3 days we got to talk while I was waiting for the girls to get out of dance, using minutes (I used to make her call me on the land line but who knows when she'll be free again). Quit your job Val and spend your days talking to me on the phone...please! :) (before this week we normally talked on the phone a couple times a day for maybe a half hour or longer and then some scattered "real quick" phone calls for a recipe, a funny kid story, a reminder to set the DVR for something important, etc.)


Playful Professional said...

This is kind of how I feel right now. I've been way too busy to do all of the things like blog and talk to people.

nikko said...

What in the world is she thinking? Working? ;o)

I have a good life said...

You've had some super busy days! Thanks for fitting in time for me. :) It is sad when you don't get to talk to someone you love as often. :( I hope she likes her job! :)

Anne/kq said...

I have the same complaint about my best friend!

Well, not really. Her husband was in a job he HATED and she's now making more money than he did in the last 2 jobs combined, so I'm happy for them. But miss her!