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Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay this is sad. I saw on line that someone stole the new Twilight book written from Edward's perspective, which I think is so mean. So Stephenie Meyer put her rough draft of about 300 pages on line to read. That's not the sad part, although I do think that is sad and rude. The sad part is I started reading it last night and this morning was reading after the kids got on the bus (about 7:40). Lu was watching "Martha Speaks" and said she wanted to take a bath before going to play with her friends. I said okay, just a second. Next thing I knew the clock was chiming and I thought "gosh, it's already 8, I better get a move on it", when I looked up however it was 9! I told Lucy to hurry so we could go get ready and when I walked to the bathroom the water was on...and must have been on for quite a while because the tub was all the way full and running out the drain at the top. Thank goodness for that drain or I would have had a flood!

I heart Edward. I finished his chapters, which is good since I don't have time to read something right now that is so captivating. I wish I got so sucked in to reading the scriptures or other things of great worth, I didn't even realize over an hour had passed.

I hope the movie doesn't completely stink.

Glad it's a Friday!

*images thanks toVanessa Contessa and movie posters on line


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I have heard so many things about that book series and am thinking of checking it out. Although, I've also heard that I won't sleep until I finish it, the stories are THAT addictive.

Great. Just what I need. Less sleep... !!!

Krystal said...

I heard about that book stealing thing. That's too bad. And, it's kinda sad, but kinda funny too, that you almost had a flood because you were absorbed in reading. :) I guess I'll have to check out the rough draft online.