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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Party

some presents
a yummy ice cream cake

and thank you hugs!!

The perfect Birthday

Lucy has been looking forward to her birthday for months. She was particularly excited. Yesterday afternoon presents arrived from Nana and Abba. Elephun and Swim to Me Puppy. Two things she had hopped to get. The afternoon was spent happily playing with them.

It was MLK day so everyone was home. We ran a few errands but were mostly home. For FHE that night we had planned on celebrating Lucy Ballerina (as she likes to call herself) with a dinner out, followed by gifts and cake. Once daddy was home and it was dinner time she didn't want to go. She wanted to take a bath with her puppy and play with her toys and eat cake and forget about dinner. The other kids were disappointed but we mostly followed her wishes. We did get pizza and salad from Joe's and ate that. She bathed and the dog swam:) Then jammied up and enjoyed the rest of the night playing with her new toys and her brother and sisters. I think she thought it was perfect!


Natalie said...

What a perfect birthday.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I agree- I have a party book- and it states one guest per year of age (or pretty close to that), and throught the years, I have found that to work great.

Perfect Party for your Princess (Ballerina)

Yvonne said...

As long as SHE WAS HAPPY--after all it was her birthday. (I'm all for celebrating the way the birthday girl wants to celebrate ; )